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The Top 10 Bands We Want to See Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show

by dsussman   January 31, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 7,065


5. Metallica

Photo: Pete Cronin/Getty Images

I can almost guarantee that half of the NFL roster is obsessed with all things Metallica and constantly use the band's epic metal classics for intense inspiration before, during, and after any big game. We all know that the boys struggled a little bit during the late-'90s and early-2000s in terms of universally heralded material, but they eventually redeemed themselves with the release of Death Magnetic in 2008. With that said, James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert should have no problem giving a Super Bowl audience a string of heavy classics wrapped in some new modern opuses. Did I also mention that Metallica is one of the greatest live bands of all time?


4. Led Zeppelin

Photo: Kevin Westenberg/Getty Images

Here's the deal, people. Everyone and their mother want the remaining members of Led Zeppelin to reunite one more time and what better place than the Super Bowl halftime show? Based on their one-off performance at the O2 arena back in 2007, there is no doubt that Robert, Jimmy, and John still got the goods for one more go round. I also don't think there's a person alive that doesn't know at least one of their songs. That's the key to a great Super Bowl halftime act. They need to be as universal as white bread and instantly connect with the viewers taking in the game. Their jams are also as epic as they get.


3. Daft Punk

Photo: Michael Caulfield/Getty Images

I shouldn't have to explain this pick in great detail. Why? It's because Daft Punk puts on one of the greatest live show experiences music has to offer and every human being alive should get a taste before they leave this crazy planet. From the Tron-like pyramid to their consistently groundbreaking electronic sounds, the French dudes of Daft Punk are in a league all their own. Electronic music is bigger than ever and having one of the genre's biggest and most influential names headline a halftime show should be an obvious no-brainer for anyone trying to give viewers entertainment that's legitimately out of this world.


2. AC/DC

Photo: Chris Walter/Getty Images

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I seriously have no idea why AC/DC has never played a Super Bowl halftime show. I'm well aware that Angus and the boys are not from America and could probably care less about football, but their epic rock jams have been motivating footballers for quite some time now and would easily be the perfect entertainment for rabid fans of all things pigskin. From "Thunderstruck" to "Back in Black," if the legendary dudes of AC/DC ever pumped out their greatest hits on Super Bowl Sunday, it could go down as the most-loved and universally heralded halftime show ever. Who gives a crap about Janet Jackson's nipple when you have Angus Young shredding on his iconic signature SG?


1. Guns N' Roses

Photo: Ke.Mazur/Getty Images

Think about it, people. Wouldn't it be amazing if all the original members of GNR squashed their stupid longstanding beef and reunited for a one-off performance at a future Super Bowl halftime show? Of course it would. One of the greatest rock acts of all time should have rocked that stage a helluva long time ago. I'm pretty sure Slash might have made it on the Super Bowl stage at one point or another, but it's definitely not even close to being the same as having Duff, Axl, and Izzy up there with him. We all know that the aged members of GNR aren't the same unpredictable act they once were, but even a halfway decent rendition of "Welcome to the Jungle" on the grandest stage of them all is sure to make players and fans alike go completely insane. 



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