Yao Ming's Wife Terrified to Give Birth to Giant Child

January 7, 2010

Houston Rockets' center and injured reserve specialist Yao Ming announced that he and his 6-foot-2 wife will welcome their first enormous baby into the world later this year.

Ming, who stands at 7-foot-6 inches tall, is the largest player in the NBA thanks to the departure of Romanian sex symbol George Muresan, and boasts a head two-and-a-half times the size of an average human being.

Since Spike.com’s full-time Chinese translator was out of the office today, I was unable to reach Mrs. Ming for comment, though various Asian newspapers are already speculating just how big the baby will be. Some are claiming it may reach up to 8-feet tall.

Even though most people believe childbirth is a relatively painful process, this one is probably going to sting a bit.

Source: Chinafotopress/Getty Images