Extreme Violence in Women's Soccer is Frightening, Yet Precious

November 6, 2009

In a women’s college soccer game between 32 young women evoking Title IX to help eliminate the men’s cross-country team, things got a little physical when two girls (one of whom is actually attractive enough to take on an Applebee’s date) begin beating the ever living crap out of each other.

Hair pulling, elbows to the back, and an MMA-quality takedown highlight what critics are calling “a reason to finally watch a 24 second clip of women's college soccer” – something the random chick that ESPN hired in case a story like this ever came up thought was a sure sign of the pending apocalypse (or some sort of coinciding NBA/NFL/NCAA Football/Junior High basketball strike).

Let that be a lesson, WNBA. Fundamental plays and comical dunk attempts may get 37 fans through the door, but savagely beating each other throughout the course of the game can get you an entire segment on the “non-bloopers” part of Sportscenter!


Source: ESPN