Call of Duty: Black Ops vs IRA

January 24, 2011

Black Ops

M16 Assault Rifle.

Dragon's Breath Shotgun.

Kiparis Submachine Gun.

Python Revolver.

Explosive Bolt Crossbow.

WA2000 Sniper Rifle.

Mini-Gun Machine Gun.


SOG Knife.



AR-15 Armalite.

Lpo50 Flamethrower.

Webley Revolver.

Mac-10 Submachine Gun.


HKG3 Sniper Rifle.

Bren Light Machine Gun.

Nail Bomb.


Baseball Bat.


M16 vs AR-15. Edge = Even.

To be honest, both are extremely accurate, and the M16 has been argued for years if it's better or worse than an AK-47, which the AR-15 came close in fighting, so I have to say these rifles are even.

Shotgun vs Flamethrower. Edge = Dragon's Breath Shotgun.

This was close, but the Shotgun has a little longer range, and greater accuracy. But to be honest, both will cremate you before your dead.

Python vs Webley. Edge = Python.

The Python has greater damage than the Webley, and is a little more accurate, but again, this was close.

Kiparis vs Mac-10. Edge = Mac-10.

The Mac-10 has a little better of accuracy along with better damage than the Kiparis.

Crossbow vs RPG. Edge = Even.

Again, two explosive weapons are incredibly dangerous, and with the scope of the Crossbow, and the range of the RPG, the two evened out pretty well.

WA2000 vs HKG3. Edge = WA2000.

The WA2000 has greater accuracy and longer range than the the HKG3.

Mini-Gun vs Bren. Edge = Mini-Gun.

The Mini-Gun has more rounds and damaging bullets than the Bren does, and will obliterate people in seconds.

C4 vs Nail Bomb. Edge = Nail Bomb.

Again this was really close, but the Nail Bomb has greater shrapnel than the C4, and has a little larger explosion, but both can vary in size.

Knife vs Slingshot. Edge = Knife.

The Knife has greater killing power, as the Slingshot doesn't kill unless you hit the eye socket.

Pickaxe vs Bat. Edge = Pickaxe.

The Pickaxe, SERGEI's Pickaxe (Vorkuta) is a LOT deadlier than the clubbing Bat. Just saying!


Mason, Reznov, Woods, Bowman, Weaver, Brooks, Swift, Sergei, Harris, Hudson, and ten other new soldiers (who we will address as Smith, Stevens, Bosa, Dawg, Hammer, Gnarl, Jockson, Castellucci, Keller, and Anderson) are sent on a mission to the Soviet Union. While doing so, however, they pass Northern Ireland, where down below, a gang of IRA Terrorists are planning for a new attack on the British Army, when they hear the plane above. Thinking it's going to bomb them, the stooge of the IRA pulls up an Rpg, and blasts the rocket launcher, and the plane goes down. 90% of them jumped out of the plane and extinguished their parachutes, Castellucci and Bosa either dying from the explosion or squashed when it landed. (My Great Great Grandfather's last name was Castellucci, but was turned to Castle when he came from Italy to America).

When landed, Woods looked through his binoculars and spots the smoke trail the warhead left. He traced it back to the building with the IRA. Soon both teams were in a shootout, where Mason lifted up his crossbow, and shot an explosive bolt into the window, and the explosion took out an IRA member, who was apparently hit in the arm, and desperate to not kill the rest of the team, jumped out the window so only he will die.

Black Ops: 18. IRA: 19.

Reznov planted a patch of C4 onto the wall, and when he detonated it, three more IRA members were blown away, and were killed. Throughout the large hole and debris, one of them takes a flamethrower, and lights Swift and Hammer on fire.

The IRA break through the door, where armalites and rifles are shot, where damage riddles the street. When the first IRA opened the door however, he impaled him with his trusty ol' pickaxe, and was about to use his python revolver when he was shot down, and the big strong Hercules-like man was unfortunately dead.

Black Ops: 15. IRA: 16.

Bowman ran a little far away, and hid behind a car, where he started sniping with his WA2000, and took out the flamethrower operator, and took out another sniper that was about to kill Brooks. At this time Woods had started shooting down people with his kiparis. He successfully killed two people, getting a head-shot on one of them.

Another IRA, who had just clubbed Anderson to death with his bat, realized where Bowman was, he pulled out his detonator, and blew up the nail bomb that was planted under the car, just in case of any campers were there.

Black Ops: 13. IRA: 12.

Mason and Reznov ran back a little ways, where they kept fighting, Mason given a mini-gun and Reznov an M16. Together they killed five more people, before a bren shot at them, both injured, Reznov in critical condition. Mason avenged his wounded friend by shooting the guy in the head who had the bren.

Black Ops: 13. IRA: 7.

When Keller was reloading his revolver, a mac-10 started riddling him. He was dead in a second, and he soon followed up by killing Jockson and Gnarl. However, Harris stopped the submachine gunner by shooting him with the dragon's breath.

Harris ran from behind another IRA who had just killed Weaver, and knifed him in the neck, who was on his way to kill Reznov and Mason.

Black Ops: 9. IRA: 5.

Hudson, Woods, Smith and Stevens were shot at with another RPG, killing Smith and Stevens, injuring Woods, and throwing back Hudson. Hudson shot back from where the RPG came from, and he fell down, dead. Woods got up to his feet, but when he tried to limp back to most of his team, he was shot in the back by a webley, soon killing him.

Brooks and Harris shot at another IRA, taking cover from behind a truck. He only had a slingshot, and was accurate enough to kill Harris with a blow to the eye. However, since he was practically under the truck, Mason saw this his chance with his crossbow. He shot the truck in the gas tank area, where the huge explosion took him and the rest of the building out, but the shrapnel and debris crushed Dawg and Hammer.

Black Ops: 4. IRA: 3.

Mason, Reznov, Weaver, and Hudson surrounded the area to make sure no one got away. Weaver was sniped from another building, and Reznov quickly reacted. He used his mini-gun, shooting more and more, as he got a good aim. When the body fell off the building, he was covered in bullet holes all around.

Mason and Hudson saw another IRA, who was shooting at them from behind a reactor. Mason shot his crossbow one last time, and it blew up, sending him to bits. Reznov, though still injured, teams back up with them, but the last IRA member popped out of nowhere from behind a building and shot his bren, killing Reznov and Hudson at the same time. At that moment, he was out of ammo, and now Mason was left alone. He pulled out his revolver and walked up to where the last member was reloading. He threw his knife in his shoulder, and now feeling overwhelmed with rage of his dead friend Reznov, he started thinking he was still there, and (similar to Mason assassinating Steiner) yelled, "I am Viktor Reznov, and I will have vengeance!" and shot his python, the bullet blowing apart the IRA's head.

Black Ops: 1. IRA: 0.

Black Ops: 769.

M16: 284.

Dragon's Breath: 47.

Kiparis: 144.

Python: 15.

Crossbow: 29.

WA2000: 54.

Mini-Gun: 327.

C4: 49.

Knife: 4.

Pickaxe: 6.

IRA: 231.

AR-15: 36.

Lpo50: 25.

Mac-10: 32.

Webley: 16.

Rpg: 26.

HKG3: 18.

Bren: 44.

Nail Bomb: 29.

Slingshot: 1.

Bat: 4.