Top Shelf Tuesday - October 26

October 24, 2010

Tuesday is almost here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, we let out the poseur trash so you don't waste your hard-earned cash.

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Yeah, sure the guitar-based games have started to lose a little luster over the past year or two, but that's mainly because they haven't really advanced that much. All of that changes with Rock Band 3. Dare we say it's the first true sequel to the band-based games since they were introduced. With keyboards finally added to the mix and a guitar that has actual strings and enough buttons to play legitimate chords, it now doubles as a piano and guitar instructor. No kidding. The rest of the game has also been smoothed out for party play, and with 2000 songs available at this point, it very well could be the end all, be all of the genre. If you're more into the whimsy, Fable III is also on store shelves this Tuesday. While it still doesn't include all the things that were promised in the first Fable many moons ago, it's still one of the most open-ended games we've played. Be bad and you'll grow horns, be good and you'll have a heavenly glow. Treat people right and they'll shower you with gifts. You get the idea. Toss in cooperative play where everything you earn comes back with you to your own game and you'll get plenty of play time from this one. Lastly, the newest Star Wars game is coming this week in the form of The Force Unleashed II.  It's hard to get a real Star Wars fix these days with the movie franchise grinding to a halt, so if you fancy another trip to a galaxy far, far away this is your only shot.


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Easily one of the greatest movie trilogies of all time, all three Back to the Future films are finally now available on DVD and Blu-ray. YES. Not only are the films restored like never before, the sets offer up Q&A commentaries with director Robert Zemeckis and producer Bob Gale as well as sixteen deleted scenes, a Michael J. Fox Q&A, and a ton of archival featurettes. Back to the Future Night, the original 30-minute special that aired on NBC prior to the first television screening of the Back to the Future is up in the mix and we also get to feast our peepers on Tales from the Future, a new six-part retrospective documentary. If you want one of the greatest cinematic experiences of your life, this collection is for you.



Source: Apple Records

As some of you may know, Apple Records is the label that was founded by The Beatles in 1968. Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records is the first multi-artist compilation in the iconic label’s history. The compilation features 21-tracks from artists like Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Badfinger, Jackie Lomax, and some deep soul cuts from Doris Troy and Billy Preston. This is a historic releases from one of the most recognizable imprints the music world has ever seen. Do yourself a favor and scoop the damn thang.

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