Jensen SportFones Perfect for Spartan Workouts

June 25, 2008


It’s a wonder that this sort of device isn’t more popular.  It’s nearly impossible to find another set of wireless MP3 player headphones with the player built in, in fact.  There’re several devices with Bluetooth capability, but with the SportFones, you've got stark, spartan, no nonsense MP3 player. What you see is what you get.

The Jensen SportFones only have 512MB of space, but that's enough MP3s or unprotected WMAs to get you through a workout or two. And you load them the same way you charge them: plugging in the USB cable.

The ear pads are hypoallergenic and removable which is nice for cleaning them.  It is not nice for them accidentally falling off in a parking lot when you’re stretching which is what happened to me.  It was an easy fix, though, and I use the SportFones constantly for running.

The SportFones are somewhat difficult to come by.  The Jensen website doesn’t have an ordering option, only an option to be notified when they’re available. Non-denominational Holiday gift-giver brought me mine last winter, so I can’t speak to where they got it.  I do remember including a link in my wish list to an Amazon site where they were being sold for a little under 30.  The cheapest I could find them now is for $54.