Spike Orders a Third Season of Auction Hunters!

June 20, 2011
Spike fans clearly cannot get enough of Auction Hunters!  The network has chosen to renew its highest rate unscripted series for a third season, bringing back Hunters Allen Haff and Ton Jones for 26 more episodes as well as a special LIVE episode set to unspool sometime in 2012. Currently in its second season, all new episodes of Auction Hunters return this July.

Having already hit the road in season two, Ton and Allen will head back out to such locales as Alaska, Hawaii, New York City, and New Orleans. With 50,000 storage facilities holding auctions, over $1 billion worth of goods exchanges hands every year. This season the Hunters found a mini-boat, a Quazilla ATV, a 1980s Ms. Pac Man arcade as well as a Thomas Edison Gramophone and a variety of shotguns and rifles. What's to be discovered next is anyone guess, but that's what makes these two auction experts hunters.

Be sure to follow Auction Hunters on Facebook and tune in when all new episodes return in JULY. Until then, catch up on all your favorite episodes at Spike.com.