Mantenna - Wednesday, June 9

June 9, 2010

Sarah Palin may have had a boob job, some housewife has a sex tape, and Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, and Snoop Dogg get added to Rock the Bells...he-e-e-e-re’s the Mantenna!

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Sarah Palin May Have Had a Boob Job

The political sphere is abuzz with Sarah Palin’s noticeably larger bosoms. Washington DC gossip blog Wonkette is speculating that the former VP candidate has undergone a boob job. The blog was apparently tipped off by a user, “Laura,” who noticed and left the following comment: “Sarah Palin 12/09 no boobs #Sarah Palin today, Instant boobage! only her #plasticsurgeon knows4sure.” Laura makes a good point and backs it up with photographic evidence. Palin’s breasts at the recent Belmont Stakes horse race do indeed look bigger [Wonkette]

Some Housewife Has a Sex Tape

Another celebrity sex tape is about to hit the market. Yawn. This one features one of the "ladies" from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The sex tape features the “most infamous housewife of them all” Danielle Staub. Staub, a 47-year-old mother of two, is best known for her bitchy attitude, “party girl” past, and shady history. The 75-minute tape was apparently shot last September and features a “mystery man.” Hustler plans on releasing the tape June 14th. [TMZ]

Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, and Snoop Added to Rock the Bells

Photo: Kevin Mazur /Getty Images

Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Premier, and Snoop Dogg have been added to the lineup of this year's Rock the Bells festival. Most of the headliners will be performing their most classic albums in their entirety. A Tribe Called Quest will perform Midnight Marauders, Snoop Dogg will perform Doggystyle, and DJ Premier will appear as part of a special tribute to Gang Starr. They will all join Street Sweeper Social Club, Slick Rick, Wu-Tang Clan, and more for the 2010 Rock the Bells festival. The four-date tour stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC in late August. [RTB]

The Cup is in the Building

The NHL Playoffs may come to an end tonight when the Chicago Blackhawks attempt to close out the Philadelphia Flyers in Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. For the Blackhawks, a win would mean the franchise's first championship in 49 years. For the Flyers, a loss would mean an opportunity to once again give Philadelphia sports fans something to riot about. With ratings up substantially over last year's NHL playoffs, it appears as if America is reasonably excited over the series and you should be to! Be a follower and watch the game. [ESPN]

Man Fighting Traffic Ticket Buys Expire Police Website Domain

Getting a speeding fine is enough to drive anyone to road rage, but Brian McCrary decided to do something entirely different with his rage. While browsing the local police department's website, he saw the domain was close to expiring. A pity for the police chief at Bluff City, who saw his website turn into a shrine for speeding fine contesters, hellbent on complaining about their unfair tickets. Police chief David Nelson excused it away, commenting that "It just slipped my mind. If you open up a website and let it go down, somebody can buy it – I did not know that." McCrary probably could have let the chief off with a warning, but then everyone would just start letting their domains expire, you know? [Bluff City PD]

Hulu Definitely on its Way to Xbox, iPad

Looks like previous reports that pegged streaming video service Hulu for the next big addition to the Xbox 360 may be right. Reuters is reporting today that Hulu plans to expand its service to multiple devices, including Microsoft's console. That could mean that new television and movie programming from companies like Fox, NBC Universal, and Disney are on their way to the Xbox 360 and the iPad, two of the devices named in Reuters report. Hulu plans to start charging a subscription fee for such a service, according to the report, and launch that service within the next month or two. [Reuters]

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