Survey Finds, Shockingly, Old Single Workaholics Are the Least Happy Employees

September 9, 2011

Let's face it, unless your job is "new fruit drink tester at the strip club" or "guy who naps all day," we all kind of dislike our jobs. But some of us get home and can relax, while others are a depressed, hostile mess. Unsurprisingly, it's those of us who are older, single, and work too much.

At least that's the obvious conclusion science came to, after surveying 620 white collar workers. Along the way, it was proven that goofing off is a good thing, and that women work too hard. But who was the most miserable?

A single 42-year-old female lawyer or doctor making under $100,000 a year is, apparently, the most miserable person in the office. Of course, we're pretty sure the single 42-year-old guy is right behind her because, seriously, have you ever seen those guys at a bar? Depressing.

The happiest? A 39-year-old family man making $150,000 to $200,000 a year who has one kid and whose wife works part-time. It also came out that men are 25% happier at work, 8% happier at home, more likely to take breaks, and more likely to take vacations. In the least shocking difference, 93% of happy people took vacations, while 79% of miserable people took them. Oh, and 89% of happy people left work at 5, while only 49% of the miserable did.

So, in short, the key to being happy at your job is to take breaks, take vacations, make lots of money, and have a small family. Gee, thanks, science.

Photo: Mark Scott/ The Image Bank/Getty Images