The Auction Hunters Own Chicago In This Episode Six Recap

May 6, 2011
Ton and Allen took Auction Hunters to Chicago this week, and boy, was it cold! A very brisk seven degrees to be exact. A century and a half old, this community was guaranteed to be flush with antiques and with Chicago being a sports town, that’s all the more fun to be found by our Hunters. All-new episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.


After expecting all the other bidders to be scared off by the cold, Ton and Allen soon realized that Chicago was a bit more hardcore than either of them thought. Even when the locals began to turn up the heat and try to intimidate our Hunters by jumping ahead in the bidding, Allen refused to be shaken. Luckily for him, things turned out well.

Sports Memorabilia
Sold For: $755

From baseball to football to basketball to hockey, many would say that Chicago is the sports town. Just don't tell New York or Los Angeles. When the Hunters first came across a signed baseball in a protective case, they're not quite certain who signed it, but when it’s revealed to be none other than Hammerin' Hank Aaron things started to get a bit more interesting. Talking about signatures, what about finding Joe Jackson's John Hancock on a turn of the century baseball glove? Can life get better than this?! Unfortunately, it can. The Aaron ball wasn't as valuable as they thought and only fetched $150, while the Jackson glove was not the rare find they thought and instead of thousands (his baseball bat sold once for $600K) was only worth hundreds. Remember though, this was a $100 unit. There's no crying in auction hunting, because even if you don't make the find of the century, you can easily still come out on top.

Sold For: $950

Being a Michigan native, Allen was stoked when he and Ton came across this 1984 Yamaha SS 400 snowmobile. As much as he wanted to keep it for himself, he was just as excited to see how much it was worth. This particular model was one of the first outfitted with shock absorbers and could easily top out at 85mph. After taking her for a spin across the snowy tundra that is the Midwest, Allen finally parted ways with this beast of a ride, but only after getting the right price.

Earlier this week on our head-to-head Facebook competition we put the signed Joe Jackson glove up against the high flying snowmobile. However, we offered up a bit of a trick question. As you find out in the episode, 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson was illiterate and couldn't sign his own name, therefore making the signature a forgery. Those of you Hunters out there that chose the snowmobile, well, you were right on the money this time.

It was a more casual but still highly profitable week for Ton and Allen. They only spent $1,050 on their units, but sold off the contents for $3,905, allowing them to take home a highly respectable $2,855.

Still can't believe that the Joe Jackson signature is a forgery? Then check out the recently posted episode "The Chicago Grand Slam" to get a closer look. All-new episodes of Auction Hunters air on Spike every Tuesday at 10PM/9c. Keep an eye on Facebook for the latest Auction Hunters news and updates, and remember each week you can head over to eBay and bid on items found by Ton and Allen for a good cause. New items are posted each Tuesday.