Mandy Moore Has an Energetic Va-jay-jay

August 18, 2009

Mandy Moore is pitching a new product that promotes feminine hygiene and gives you tons of energy.

Mandy Moore is endorsing the “Red Bull Energy Douche" in the latest comedy video from Funny or Die. The 25-year-old actress shows how the energy-infused feminine products amps her up, cleans her out, and increases her productivity.

In the video the singer says, “Every girl likes to feel fresh but in today’s fast paced world fresh just isn’t enough.” Her solution – use the Red Bull Energy Douche. The product is made with “vinegar, water, and natural stimulants” and lasts “10 minutes.” Mandy says “it gives your vagina wings.”

Does that mean it makes Mandy’s va-jay-jay fly away? I wonder were it’d go?

Source: Funny or Die