Paris Hilton is Single Again

April 12, 2010

Ex party girl Paris Hilton is single once again. The 29-year-old, who has kept a low profile of late, has dumped her BF of over a year, Doug Reinhardt. Find out why after the jump.

The breakup comes as somewhat of a surprise as it was rumored the two would soon take a walk down the aisle. Paris has long made her intentions of marrying Reihardt known. In mid 2009 she said, “He’s gonna be my husband.” Sadly, the romance wasn’t meant to be and it was apparently Paris who called it quits.

No official reason for the break-up has been announced by either party. However, according to Radar Online, “sources close to the former couple say Paris was extremely concerned that Doug was using the hotel heiress to further his own career aspirations.” Apparently Reinhardt was using Hilton to get his sister a reality TV show. Reinhardt wanted Paris to be involved and appear regularly in the new show. Paris caught wind of the situation and wanted nothing to do with the project. She subsequently put Reinhardt out with the trash.

The real question is whether Paris went the Heidi Montag route. Recent pictures of her seem to suggest that there's something new going on up top. Take a look at the pics and judge for yourself.


Source: Splash News