Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera at the TUF Finale

June 21, 2008
Dante Rivera vs. Matt Riddle


Round One
Both fighters spend a good time sizing the other up, moving about the ring. Dante lands a good kick and surprises everyone by going on the striking offensive. The two lock up, trading knees and Riddle gets keeps him against the fence. They trade a lot of knees when Dante loses his mouthguard and Herb Dean breaks the fighters to let him get it back in. Dante comes out swinging again and they lock up against the fence, trading more knees, but both are getting tired. The break for a moment before locking up again. Riddle takes Rivera down and lands some elbows before the round ends.

Round Two
The two come out and lock again. Riddle gets the takedown and leaves Rivera on the ground. Once he's back up they lock against the fence where Riddle lands a good knee to the center. Another lock and break later, Riddle takes down Rivera and gets the mount to deliver some ground and pound before looking for the armbar. Rivera's punching and Riddle's throwing strong elbows.

Round Three
Rivera comes out swinging again but Riddle gets a strong hit and knee. They lock up again and Riddle lands another takedown. Dante gets rubber guard and almost lands a triangle choke. Riddle lands a good elbow and they break. They're down on the mat for another minute before Herb Dean breaks them. Dante fires out again but when it goes to the ground Riddle gets mount position again, laying some pound down before the round ends.

Matthew Riddle wins his first official match by unanimous decision.