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In Russia, They Race...Sex Dolls?

by Theta1138   August 10, 2011 at 6:00PM  |  Views: 1,720

So, we're trying to think of a clever way to phrase this one, but we kind of can't, because it's just so ridiculous: shooting the rapids of the Vuoksa River not with a raft or a kayak or even a canoe, but with a sex doll. People actually do this, in large groups.

They also have about 800 spectators, although to be fair, if somebody told us dozens of likely drunken guys were about to do something incredibly dumb involving a river and a sex doll, we'd probably show up too.

Still, even for Russia, a country where cars are chopped in half as a tax dodge and the strange is just accepted without question, this has to seem pretty weird.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

You know what we want to know? How the route for this particular race, which featured dozens of grown men swimming while carrying inflatable sex dolls, was planned. Actually first we want to know who came up with this, and whether alcohol was involved, and secondly we want to know why they still thought it was a good idea when they sobered up. Then we want to know how the route was planned.

To be fair, this display of Russian fratboy tomfoolery lasts, oh, about three minutes: the Vuoksa rapids are fairly large, fairly safe, and fairly quick to get through. But we bet it's a three minutes nobody who sees it will forget.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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