Top Shelf Tuesday - October 12

October 10, 2010

Want to know where to really spend your cash next Tuesday? We own all the weak links and hand you the dopest of the dope so your taste don't stink.

Source: Visual Concepts/2K Sports



There's no denying Michael Jordan is the best player to ever grace the hardwood, but the man has been a pain in the arse when it comes to video games. Always holding out for his own game instead of licensing himself out, he's finally given in for NBA 2K11. Not only is he in the game, but it also sets you up to recreate some of his most shining moments. Stack MJ on top of an already-incredible roundball game and you can take it to the rack. If you'd rather shoot to kill than to score, Medal of Honor dupes the Call of Duty formula with a hard bent towards realism. Killer online battles and a schizophrenic campaign highlight this acronym-filled shooter. It's a nice warmup for Black Ops' release next month. Both games are available for the PS3 and 360.  



Source: Warner Bros.

Jonah Hex is an action/adventure western based on the popular comic book Jonah Hex. It tells the tale of Hex, a scarred drifter and bounty hunter, who is offered freedom from the warrants on his head by the U.S. military to track down and stop the same terrorist that melted his face. Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, and John Malkovich star. The reviews weren’t all that great for this flick, but as far as the action goes, things are right were they need to be. We also get to feast our eyes on Megan Fox in little-to-no clothes for most of the feature. Sounds like the perfect mindless popcorn movie to me.



Source: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown

I Am Not a Human Being is the eighth studio album by incarcerated MC Lil Wayne. It was recorded earlier this year prior to Wayne's nine-month prison stint for criminal possession of a weapon. Production for the album was put down by Wayne himself and numerous producers, including Boi-1da, Cool & Dre, StreetRunner, Noah "40" Shebib, and DJ Infamous. The record was released digitally on September 27, but you can buy the actual physical copy now. Most of songs are a mix of rap, hip-pop, and rock. Some super fans out there may get frustrated with the range and experimentation of the record, but the man is as prolific as it gets in terms of rap and it’s always entertaining to see what crazy junk he comes up with in the studio. Get this now if know what’s good for you.

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