Michael Jordan's Obnoxiousness is Now For Sale

October 20, 2010

Trying to impress naïve college girls by pretending to be Michael Jordan just got easier. The basketball great recently put his Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 up for sale, and it can be yours for $430,000.

According to the listing:

You are looking at a very rare Mercedes Benz SLR 722 in mint condition. Clean 1 owner Carfax. This was the one and only Michael Jordan's 722 with title signed by him! This car is loaded with carbon fiber from the hood to the floor pans and wheel wells. Still has Mercedes Benz factory warranty till aug of 2011 or 50,000. Comes with all papers, books, keys, trickle charger, k40 radar, and SLR car cover. Owned by the one and only, Michael Jordan.

In case you glanced over the text, this car belonged to Michael Jordan!

If you have a spare $430,000 under the sofa cushion, click here for details. Massive ego sold separately.

Photo: eBay.com