Mantenna - Wednesday, January 6

January 6, 2010

J. Lo thinks she deserved an Oscar, James Cameron drops in on Nagasaki, and Gary Coleman gets rushed to the hospital....the Mantenna is bigger than Avatar!

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J. Lo Thinks She Deserved an Oscar

Jennifer Lopez thinks she's such a great actress that she was robbed of an Oscar for Best Actress at last year's Academy Awards. The actress, who wasn't even nominated,  told Latina magazine, "I feel like I had that [Oscar-worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don't even think the Academy members saw it. I feel like it's their responsibility to do that, to see everything that's out there, everything that could be great. Well, it is a little bit frustrating."  At the time J. Lo had recently given birth to twins and for some reason thought it would be amusing to accept an Oscar in a hospital bed. Keep dreaming, honey! [Latina]

Gary Coleman Rushed to Hospital

With celebrities dropping like flies in recent months, concerns were raised when pint-sized actor Gary Coleman was rushed to the hospital this morning. The good news is he's A-OK. The actor was in Los Angeles conducting interviews for a film interestingly titled Midgets vs. Mascots. According to sources he collapsed and was taken to the hospital. A spokesperson for Coleman later said the Diff'rent Strokes star suffered a mild seizure and was doing fine. [The Superficial]

25 Girls Who Never Get Speeding Tickets

Ever been hassled by the police? Sure you have. And, if you're the average reader, you probably don't possess your own pair of knockers to get you out of a jam with the cops. On the other hand, that doesn't stop you from checking out this gallery from the folks at Manofest featuring some nice-looking females almost certain to never run afoul of Johnny Law. Consider it a public service announcement! [Manofest]

James Cameron Drops in on Nagasaki

The latest rumor about the next film director James Cameron is going to make involves the atomic bomb and Nagasaki. He recently visited the Japanese city to meet Tsutomu Yamaguchi, a survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki. Cameron is apparently considering making a film about the bombing, and this film may (or may not) be influenced by the newly published book Last Train to Hiroshima.  In fact, Charles Pellegrino, the author of said book, made the visit to Yamaguchi with Cameron. All Cameron has said is that he was in Japan to research “a film about nuclear weapons.” Indeed. [/Film]

RoboCop is Getting Rusty

In the wake of all the other disasters blowing up at the penniless MGM, it now looks like the new RoboCop film in the works is also sinking into development hell. Darren Aronofsky is the guy who’s been slated to direct the thing, but the chairperson of MGM wants Robo to be in 3D, and Aronofsky has protested that he’s not interested in “3D, CGI, filming digital” or any of those other things that make modern action movies modern. It kind of sounds like Aronofsky should just re-issue the first RoboCop film and call it a day. [Movie Hole]


Legendary Producer Willie Mitchell Dies


Source: David Livingston/Getty Images

Willie Mitchell, creator of the legendary Memphis soul sound, has died at the age of 81. Mitchell is mostly known for his work with Al Green and Ann Peebles. As musical director for Hi, an independent record label founded by Joe Cuoghi and Ray Harris, Mitchell put together a string of serious soul hits that helped put the label on the map. Some of which even crossed over to the pop world. Mitchell produced songs such as “Let's Stay Together” and many other classics. RIP Willie Mitchell. [NME]

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Suspended for Bringing Guns into the Locker Room

NBA all-star and apparent firearm enthusiast Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely by the league for jokingly threatening his teammate over a gambling debt with a collection of handguns he brought from home. Commissioner David Stern, with a straight face, explained that the NBA is a league filled with integrity and that Arenas' actions were not within the strict moral code of the league. [Google]

EA Cuts Off Many Online Game Servers

Game company EA has announced that it will be shutting down online service for "some older EA titles." Included in the list is football game Madden NFL 09 (PS3 and Xbox 360), which was released in August 2008. EA, it seems, has a different definition of "old" than the rest of the world has. Hit the link for a list of games which are now online obsolete according to Electronic Arts. [Play Station Universe]

Next Nintendo Portable to Supprt 720p HD?

Satoru Iwata spilled the beans on the next Nintendo DS to Japanese news outlet Asashi, saying the next DS will have a motion sensor and a higher-resolution screen. A high definition screen, actually. Iwata says it'll be sporting a 1024 x 768 resolution, which is very close to a decent 720p res. Iwata also confirmed Nintendo is in talks with several networks for connected DS consoles, which is something he mentioned a few months back when he touched upon the likelihood of allowing eBooks to be downloaded over 3G. [Fast Company]

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