Green Berets vs. Navy Seals

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Disclaimer: I don't own Deadliest Warrior; but I wish I did.

Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 21: Green Beret vs. Navy Seals

Green Berets' one of America's most elite soldiers, fighting the fiercest battles.
(We see some Berets fighting enemy soldiers).

The US Navy Seals; America's amphibious special force, trained to neutralize any enemy, any time, any where.
(We see some Seals emerging from the waters with guns drawn).

                                                       WHO IS DEADLIEST?
To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is....THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Green Beret                                            
Height: 6' 1                                                       
Weight: 180 lbs                                            
Gear: 29 lbs                                         
Force Size: 4,500 

Navy Seals
Est. 1961
Weight: 185 LBS
Height: 6'
Force Size: Approx. 2000

Narrator: Here at the fight club we take the weapons used by two of America's best military forces, and put them to the test. First, the weapons used by gun-totting Green Berets:

Beretta Pistol
M4A1 Carbine
M67 Grenade

Narrator: and second, the weapons used by the amphibious Navy Seals:

Recon Knife
SIG Saucer
M4 Colt Commando