Green Berets vs. Navy Seals

December 13, 2010

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Deadliest Warrior, Chapter 21: Green Beret vs. Navy Seals

Green Berets' one of America's most elite soldiers, fighting the fiercest battles.
(We see some Berets fighting enemy soldiers).

The US Navy Seals; America's amphibious special force, trained to neutralize any enemy, any time, any where.
(We see some Seals emerging from the waters with guns drawn).

                                                       WHO IS DEADLIEST?
To find out, our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death, to decide who is....THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Green Beret                                            
Height: 6' 1                                                       
Weight: 180 lbs                                            
Gear: 29 lbs                                         
Force Size: 4,500 

Navy Seals
Est. 1961
Weight: 185 LBS
Height: 6'
Force Size: Approx. 2000

Narrator: Here at the fight club we take the weapons used by two of America's best military forces, and put them to the test. First, the weapons used by gun-totting Green Berets:

Beretta Pistol
M4A1 Carbine
M67 Grenade

Narrator: and second, the weapons used by the amphibious Navy Seals:

Recon Knife
SIG Saucer
M4 Colt Commando

Narrator: For our first test, these two groups butt heads with their close range weaponry: The Green Beret E-Tool and the Navy Seals' Recon Knife:

Fred picked up his E-Tool and gave it a few swings. It may not be a sword, but it looked like it could do the job in a pinch. Spinning on his heel, he swung the Tool at the gel dummy, the bladed shovel whistling through the air. The blade made contact, and split the skull wide open. The team confirmed that it was an instant kill shot.

Next was Bob, carefully his Recon Knife. And when his signal came, Bob went berserk. He stabbed the dummy repeatedly in the chest, the neck, and the face. Eventually he had stabbed it so much, that the head fell right off.

Dr. Dorian: Um . . . well . . . So, yeah, even though the E-Tool has a longer reach, the Recon Knife is an actual weapon, and seeing what can be done with, is actually pretty gruesome. Close Range Edge goes to the Recon Knife.

Edge: Navy Seals

Narrator: For the next test, our two groups will try out their Mid Range Firearms: The Navy Seals' SIG Saucer, against the Green Beret's Beretta Pistol.

This test was conducted at night, and Fred and Bob were given special Night Vision Goggles. They were to run through the course, shoot the targets as fast as they could, all with only limited Night Vision and their respective Handguns.

Fred took his Beretta and started the course. He kicked down the first door and shot the first target. Following that he preceded to do the same with the other two targets, in a rather impressive time too. Fred was feeling pretty proud of himself, until the doctor Geoff checked the targets. While the first shot had hit the forehead, the second target was show to have only a grazed shoulder. The last target had been a head shot, but the bullet was off center, and looked like it had only nicked the side of the head. In total, Fred had gotten one kill, one incapacitated, and one uninjured.

Bob was next and he had slightly better, luck, actually managing to kill all of his targets, but it took him ten seconds longer.

Dr. Dorian: Well, I think the darkness element may have thrown them somewhat, and this may come down to skill rather than the weapon, but based on what we've seen here, I'm giving the Mid Range edge to the SIG Saucer.

Edge: Navy Seals

Narrator: For the third test, our two special forces will test out their Secondary Firearms: The Green Beret's M4A1 Carbine, and the Navy Seals' M4  Colt Commando.

Bob went first, pointing his Commando at the first target on the course. The course was set up to look like a civilian plaza, with five different targets; two of which were moving. One would move toward him, the other would move behind an open door when the rest had been shot.

Firing quickly he turned the heads of the first two dummies to mush. As one of the moving targets rolled past, he shot it twice in the side and neck. The third and fourth were taken out just as quickly. The final moving target rolled past, becoming visible. Bob fired at at, but wasn't sure he had scored a killing blow. The whole thing took 12 seconds. When the doctor went to check the targets, Bob found out that he had only nicked the last target, causing a severe injury, not death.

Fred was next, and tasked with the same course as Bob, did fairly well. It took him a second less, and he managed to kill both moving targets.

Dr. Dorian: This seems like sort of a "the gunman not the gun" but that aside, the test doesn't lie. The Secondary Firearms edge goes to the M4A1 Carbine.

Edge: Green Beret

Narrator: The final test will send this examination out with a BANG! as two of America's greatest operatives test out their explosive weapons: The Navy Seals' C4 against the Green Beret's M67 Grenade.

Fred took his grenade to the specified area pulled the pin and threw it in the seal room. The thing went off with a bang, shrapnel flying and hitting several dummies.

Dr. Dorian: This is powerful, and the shrapnel only makes it worse. If the explosion doesn't get you, the debris might. You'd have to really lucky to survive if one of those goes off near you.

Next, Bob set up a block of C4 in a n outhouse with a test dummy. When the team gave the signal, they detonated the C4, which vaporized the outhouse, and the dummy, and the immediate area. When the crew went to look over the sight, they actually had trouble finding pieces of the dummy.

Dr. Dorian: Well the C4 is powerful, I will grant you that, but it is a stationary explosive. It has to be set before detonation, unlike the M67 Grenade, which is portable. It may lack explosive power, but the ability to move makes it somewhat more practical. Explosive edge goes to the M67 Grenade.

Edge: Green Beret

Narrator: With all the testing complete, Max Geiger uploads the data gathered from the tests into the battle simulation, developed by Slitherine Studio, to simulate a battle to the death between these two warriors. To make sure that victory isn't snatched by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated 1000 times. Who will win in this battle of two of America's Greatest Special Forces? The Green Berets, America's elite Land Forces? Or The Navy Seals, America's lethal amphibious special forces?

Close Range Edge: Navy Seals Recon Knife

Mid Range Edge: Navy Seals SIG Saucer

Long Range Edge: Green Berets M4A1 Carbine

Explosive Weapon Edge: Green Berets M67 Grenade

It's time to find out which warrior is truly the deadliest. Max hits the button on the computer, and suddenly the screen goes "Matrix" on us.

This battle begins on a power plant, with the Navy Seals walking across a suspended platform. Hearing noise below them, the Seals look down, and see a group of Green Berets down below. When the two groups see each other, they open fire. Most of the Seals duck back onto the platform, but one stays long enough to hit one of the Green Berets in the chest with his Colt Commando. The rest of the Green Berets quickly take cover by making their way up a set of side stairs that curve behind a column. Once their, they slowly make their way to the Navy Seals position.

Green Berets: 4                            Navy Seals: 5

Soon the Green Berets had made their way up to the cat walk the Navy Seals were on, only to find it empty. Stepping out onto the walkway, the Green Berets have to duck as a Navy Seal operative leans out from behind a column at the other end of the walkway, and starts taking shots at them from behind a large turbine. It seems the Berets are stuck, until the Commander manages to hit the Seal with his M4A1 Carbine, when the Seal leans too far out from his bunker. The bullet gets him right between the eyes, and the Seals slumps, out for the count. With him out of the way, the Berets cautiously make their way across the platform.

Green Berets: 4                            Navy Seals: 4

However, when the Berets make it about halfway across the walkway, a second Seal, who was hiding behind the same column as the first, activates a charge that sets off some hidden C4. This C4 had secretly been attached to the underside of the walkway when the Green Berets had taken cover on the side stairs.

The C4 went off with a bang, killing one Beret by the force alone. The explosion had also caused the walkway to crumble under the Berets, and the one Green Beret standing in the back had the misfortune to be standing where the platform collapsed. The ground beneath him gave way, and he fell to his death.

Green Berets: 2                            Navy Seals: 4

Figuring that someone must have set the C4 off, the Green Beret commander took a M67 Grenade from his pocket and hurled it behind the column. A second later, it went off, and the hidden Seal's body was throw into view. The remain Berets, after checking to see that the Seal was dead, moved on.

Green Berets: 2                            Navy Seals: 3

The Berets emerge in a large room, with turbines lining the adjacent wall. The Berets start to move when the Navy Seals start to fire on them from beside the turbines. One of the Berets is hit in the shoulder, but nothing to serious. In retaliation he fires back with his Beretta Pistol, and manages to hit the Seal with the Colt Commando in the throat, killing him almost instantly. The other Beret starts to fire on the remaining Seals, who duck through a side doorway and run down a hall with the Berets in pursuit. The Seals separate and run down two opposite halls, and the pursing Berets do the same.

Green Berets: 2                            Navy Seals: 2

One Seal stops and takes out his Recon Knife and turns to engage the Green Beret approaching him. The Beret, low on ammo anyway, holsters his Pistol and takes out his E-Tool. His first swing causes the Navy Seal to duck, and finds that in this relatively small hallway, maneuvering is just as difficult for him as it is for his opponent.

The Beret swings a second time, and manages a cut on the Seals' arm, but before he can pull back, the Seal grabs his arm and pulls him in close. Then quick as a flash he stabs the Beret in the chest repeatedly. After about the tenth stab, the Seal relaxes his grip and watches as the Beret drops to the floor.

Green Beret: 1                            Navy Seals: 2

Back with the Seal leader, he has just run into a dead end room. Just behind him the Green Beret commander comes in Pistol drawn. Before he can fire, the Seal grabs his hand and twists it, making him drop the gun. He then kicks it to the other side of the room. The Beret responds by socking the Seal in the gut, even as the Seal punches him in the nose.

The Green Beret kicks the Navy Seal in the chest, sending him stumbling back. The Green Beret charged after him, but the Navy Seal twisted and slammed him face first into the wall. Taking the disoriented Beret, the Seal slammed his face into his knee, before kicking him into the nearby wall. As the Beret slid to the floor, he felt the Beretta Pistol beneath him. Grabbing it he pointed and fired at the Seal. At the same time, the Seal had taken his SIG Saucer out and fired at the Beret.

For a moment all was calm. The Navy Seal turned his head, and observed the bullet hole not an inch from his head. He turned back to the Green Beret, who was looking down at the gun wound to his chest. When it came down to it, the Beret had just barely missed. the Seal hadn't.

Turning at the sound of a door opening, he saw that his fellow Seal had survived. Nodding to each other in acknowledgment, the both raised their hands in a silent salute. Both to victory, and to their fallen comrades.

Green Beret: 0                            Navy Seals: 2

Winner: Navy Seals!

Navy Seals: 563

M4 Colt Commando: 340

SIG Saucer: 111

Recon Knife: 82

C4: 30

Green Beret: 437

M4A1 Carbine: 343

Beretta Pistol: 50

M67 Grenade: 42

E-Tool: 2

Narrator: In this epic battle of some of America's elite forces, it was the Navy Seals that proved themselves superior. With their Colt Commando and SIG Saucer providing most of the kills, they certainly proved who was top dog. However, the Green Berets didn't go down with out a fight, with their M4A1 Carbine making up most of their kills.

Dr. Dorian: This battle was definitely a hard one to call. In the end, I  guess that it all came down to training, technique, and skill. Something the Navy Seals have in spades. The Green Beret are good at what they do, but the Navy Seals are excellent.

We see the two remaining Navy Seals, having patched up their injuries, radioing HQ to report that their mission was a success.

The End.