Tara Rice to debut on America's hottest Travel show "Destination X: California" airing in over 66 co

May 11, 2010


 Actress, model and TV host Tara Rice is set to give audience fun and adventure on her new role on Destination X : California. She will be airing in over 66 countries and in the USA on Direct TV ( Resort and Residence Channel) and Dish TV ( MAVTV) and on cable TV in the USA.

Fans follow Tara as she takes on adventure in the most far reaching locations in the planet.


Tara Rice is more than just a pretty face and another model in Hollywood. She is the new Star of Destination X Adventure, a travel adventure TV series airing on Dish and Direct TV that places this model into the action seat for sure. On the show viewers will see her put in the cockpit of a Russian Fighter Jet, or dropped out in the Florida Everglades to drop in skydiving right into an alligator infested drop zone, and you will see, she is more than just another model.

Tara got her start in modeling and beauty pageants for Miss California and went on a shoot in the Amazon in Peru for Maxim's Latin Edition. It was on that that shoot for Maxim, that she got her first taste of what it would be like to be more than just a babe doing photo shoots. She had to be escorted by security guards through the Amazon when the locals broke out in a riot as her and her hot girfriends treked into the Amazon for their photo shoot wearing just about nothing. The Creator of Destination X saw her pictures in that edition ("one of the best layouts I have seen in that magazine, she stood out " he remarked)  and he got in touch with her to come on board and join up on the adventure side of being a all female cast member on this entourage of Jane Bond adventure seekers.

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