Allen Iverson Becomes Early Candidate for Father of the Year

March 1, 2010

Allen Iverson endeared himself to the American public when he took a sabbatical from his day job with the Philadelphia 76ers in order to stay home and take care of his sick four-year-old daughter. If only a chance to party with Jermaine Dupri hadn't come up, that’s what he’d probably still be doing right now.

On Saturday night, the former NBA bad boy and current black hole of sportsmanship hosted a party with Dupri in North Carolina, where one guest claimed Iverson was “in the building.” (And if there’s a source worth trusting, it’s usually a girl who followed up her eyewitness account by twittering "had about nine drinks" before using the phrase “I gotta slow down.”)

Iverson has not commented on the situation, but some reports claim that the 76ers are “unimpressed” and may look into trading him to a franchise with an incompetent general manager who doesn’t read scouting reports or

So basically, there’s a good chance Iverson will end up in a Clippers uniform pretty soon.

Photo: Mike Nelson/Getty Images