Gamers and Drivers

September 3, 2010

This week catch up with MCMGs (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) and get their thoughts on their video games and cars.

Chris Sabin

One evening last week I was sitting around in my basement thinking about video games as I played a video game (Magic the Gathering on XBL) and the thought of my original Nintendo Entertainment System popped into my head. What happened to it, what games do I still posses, and where can I find it if it is indeed available? The thought of the NES
possessed me to start my own quest to find my old system and see if I can get it working.

Well, it wasn't much of a quest, but I found the stained, sticky, soda covered NES in my brother's closet, and along with it inside the box were more games than I remembered ever owning! The box glowed with the aura of holiness, and I heard a faint "Ahhhhh" as I laid eyes on my new find. Everything needed was inside the corrugated treasure chest, including two controllers and the following NES games - Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Excitebike, Rad Racer, NARC, Ice Hockey, Kings Knight, Spy vs Spy, Wrestlemania Challenge, Final Fantasy, Kung Fu, Fester's Quest, The Adventures of Link, Tetris, Star Force, Pinball Quest, River City Ransom, W&W 2, Wrestlemania, Tecmo Super Bowl, Star Tropics, Mario/Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet, Othello, Super Team Games, Super Dodge Ball, Crystalis, Skate or Die, and lastly, one of my favorite all time games, Dragon Warrior.

Jackpot baby. I couldn't wait to get this thing up and working, but anyone who has ever owned an NES knows it's not an easy task. Blowing in the game and the NES, clicking the game up and down really fast inside the machine, moving the game side to side as it sits in the game slot, nothing seemed to work and all I got after hours of trying was the
flashing grey screen.

Rubbing Alcohol, and Q-Tips. There you go, I just gave you the secret to making your 20-year-old NES work like it's only 10-years-old. Pour a little alcohol into the cap of the bottle, dip the Q-Tip in and then proceed to rub the alcohol soaked end on the inside of the game cartridge where the game is read, then use the other dry end of the Q-Tip to soak up any
excess alcohol left inside. This technique has gotten every single game that I have tried it on to work.

After I got the system up and running I cleaned up the NES and hooked it up in my living room where it will remain. My next quest will be to find the hidden NES games at my parents house where I know some games I used to own are, including what may be my favorite NES game of all time - Mike Tyson's Punch Out!

Alex Shelley


It's raining out right now, so my car is getting washed. I've never paid for a car wash in my entire life, and I don't plan on it.

I've owned four cars. I totaled my first one, a two door, light blue Ford Escort. I wasn't a very good driver, and I caused an accident. The next one was a dark green Dodge Shadow, also two doors. I bought it from a blind man. I know, it sounds ridiculous. He actually glued wooden sticks to the switches for the locks and windows so he could find them easier. I don't know why he was driving either. That car was totaled as well, but it was because I was hit by a drunk driver. Dude ran a red, and went through my car and my best friend Matt's car who was driving right next to me. We were coming home from watching wrestling on a Monday night at a friend's house.

Next car was a royal blue Ford Escort. I drove it to Chicago to see my art school girlfriend. It was a blast, especially venturing down Clark Street. Clark may have an "e" at the end...I dunno. This was also the ride that got me around my first few years of wrestling. I beat the hell out of it, basically, and one day it stopped working. By then, I had a job driving shuttles for Ford, so I bought a Ford Focus, which is basically the next version of the Escort. There's a trend developing, I know.

I still have that Escort. When I was touring the independents before I signed with TNA, I put 50,000 miles on that car within six months. How nuts is that? How nuts is it that I'd drive from Detroit to Louisville to Philly back to Detroit within the confines of a weekend? How nuts is it that I did a lot of this driving BY MYSELF at the same time?

Love is a powerful drug.