Domino's Wants to Put a Pizza Store on the Moon. No, Really.

September 1, 2011

Domino's Pizza franchises have already taken up a large part of this planet. They are everywhere. Now it seems that the pizza franchise doesn't want to limit itself by planetary boundaries like "outer space." Now they've announced plans to build a franchise on the moon.

The construction company wants to put a domed structure made of 70 tons of construction material transported to the lunar surface on 15 rockets. They also plan to use some of the moon's natural resources to complete the building. And if you're wondering just who they are going to deliver pizzas to on the moon, Domino's says they are hoping to have the building completed by the time that moon starts being colonized. I'm sure the extra weight will make it tricky getting back to the Earth, like in Apollo 13 when they accounted for the moon rocks they were supposed to bring back, only heavier.

Photo: Chris Ted/Digital Vision/Getty Images