Spike TV Pays Tribute to Patrick Swayze with Road House

September 19, 2009

Who’s ready to go back to the Double Deuce tonight? I know I am. With the recent tragic passing of Patrick Swayze, Spike TV has decided to unleash his barroom brawl classic Road House onto the world once again. This evening, Spike TV will celebrate the work of Patrick Swayze by airing his cult classic Road House at 10:00pm/12:30am ET/PT. And why the hell not? It’s one of the greatest macho guy flicks ever made.


So what should you do to prepare yourself for this epic adventure? Just remember Dalton’s three simple rules:

1. Never underestimate your opponent and expect the unexpected.

2. Take it outside.

3. Be nice.

Dalton lives like a loner, fights like a professional, and loves like there’s no tomorrow! The dancing’s over. Now it’s time to get dirty. Road House!

One of my personal favorite moments in the film has to be wrestling legend Terry Funk. The Funker isn’t onscreen all that much, but when he is, the man steals the show. One of his best lines has to be when he goes to Jeff Healey’s (the blond guitar player) character Cody and asks him what the story is with Dalton. Healey tells Funk that if “you f*** with him and he'll seal your fate.” Terry’s response: “Yeah? So far he hasn't shown me s***.” I love that line. What’s your favorite Road House moment?

Source: Peter Sorel/MGM-United Artists