Real. Life. Time Machine!

July 10, 2008


It’s about time.  And, it’s about time.  This conceptual time machine isn’t actually that far out of the realm of possibility.  Read on to find out how you might actually be able to travel back into your past.

The machine, called “Madeline” by its designer, Charles Blanca, plays at scent being the strongest sense tied to memory.  This is something I’ve heard stated without support a number of times; so, it must be true.  Blanca describes how this thing works, but does so confusingly.  Via Yanko. 

“So small and discrete molecules though so powerful when we come across them, odours are rooted in our memory and make us travel through time. Madeleine offers to help us find the smells we have lost because of the evolution of our living environment. In a convivial place, everybody will be able to experience a creative immersion in a time-travelling capsule. But more than a product, Madeleine is a community linked by olfactory experience and by the expression of their senses. Let’s wake our sense of smell up and share what inspires us…”

I hope that I remember what dinosaurs smell like, because I want to hunt a T-Rex (fig 1). 

Fig. 1