'Onechanbara Z2: Chaos' Makes Slicing Zombies Sexy

July 22, 2015

Zombies can really ruin a girl's day; the ladies in the Onechanbara series can tell you that. The undead have been messing up their plans for over a decade now, but the sexy sirens always manage to keep the walking corpses in line with their particular set of skills that involve big swords, and questionable amounts of clothing. Over the course of nine games, players have been slicing and dicing foes as scantily clad girls that are out to save the world. In the franchise's latest release, Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, two sets of sisters (who don't particularly like each other), come together against a common enemy, and hack and slash their way to bloody victory as they lay waste to the hordes of the undead.

Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: Xseed Games

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is in capable hands with Tamsoft leading its development. The Japanese studio has been working on the series since its inception in 2004 on the PlayStation 2, as part of the Simple 2000 series from D3. Since then, the series has gone through a handful of refinements, but some common threads remain throughout - mainly the buxom ladies with giant swords. Their latest entry into the franchise, Z2: Chaos is actually a sequel to the Japan-only release Onechanbara Z ~ Kagura on the Xbox 360, and it's updated re-release Onechanbara Z ~ Kagura with NoNoNo! on the PlayStation 3.

Picking up shortly after Onechanbara Z ~ Kagura left off, Z2: Chaos continues the story of the two sets of sisters from the first game, Kagura and Saaya, and Saki and Aya. Even though they come from opposing heritages, this time around, instead of fighting against each other, the sisters are working together to bring down a common evil. Each girl has her own unique weapons (from swords to chainsaws) and skills (regenerating health to ... again, chainsaws), and players can swap between characters on the fly in the heat of battle.

The Onechanbara games are known for their unique take on the hack-n-slash genre... and for their sex appeal. Offering up a fairly basic take on the button-mashing mayhem that is a hack-n-slasher, Onechanbara Z2: Chaos introduces a few new ideas to the series as you chop the undead, and their monster friends, into bits and pieces. This entry into the franchise gives the characters more powers, and even allows Kagura and Saaya to transform into demons for a short period of time when provoked by battle. All of the characters can be upgraded and customized, so players can tailor their experience on the battlefield with their favorite girl in her outfit of choice.

If you want to try taking on the hordes of twisted zombies in Onechanbara Z2 then you'll need to make sure you have a PlayStation 4 handy, as this release is exclusive to the console. You can pick up the game in the PlayStation Store as a download, or at retail in the special, "Banana Split" limited edition, that comes packed with a CD, art book, and some extra saucy DLC outfits for the girls.

The Onechanbara games have never been known for their top notch graphics, or classy stories, or rock-solid gameplay; people like these games because they boil down to sexy girls slicing and dicing bad guys with really big swords. Onechanbara Z2: Chaos doesn't change any of that: it's just more slicing and more dicing, with more girls, and more big swords. Sure, there are some new elements mixed into the game to keep it fresh, but it's also the sequel to a game that no one in this part of the world played. The only way that you can get away with that, and have it be successful, is by providing a lot of eye candy, and Z2: Chaos delivers on that front in spades. Ultimately, this release manages to succeed on all of the same levels as its predecessors, and provide fans more of exactly what they have come to appreciate from this series: sexy ladies with big swords - something that some might (secretly) think is lacking from a lot of other games. If you're wondering whether or not Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is for you, first you have to ask yourself if anyone else is going to see you playing, and whether or not you're comfortable with the conversations that may result. If you are, and you're up for some bloody, hack-n-slash fun with these bikini samurais, then this (and all of the other) Onechanbara games might be for you. Just keep in mind what you're getting yourself into.