Lionsgate Makes Bid for Terminator Rights

January 14, 2010

The Halcyon Group has been trying to sell the rights to the Terminator franchise for some time now, and a new report has it that Lionsgate Entertainment is the top bidder. They've offered $15 million for the rights, and more. Got $16 million? If so, you can give Lionsgate a run for their money.

It's hard to say what this means for the future of the Terminator movies. Will we get yet another reboot after McG's disaster? A Terminator 5? It's pretty hard to say at this point, since the rights are in a state of transition. The LA Times got the scoop about Lionsgate's bid.

Lions Gate bid $15 million in cash plus 5% of gross receipts from any future Terminator movies it makes. Its bid would give the Santa Monica-based studio behind the Tyler Perry and Saw movies full rights to exploit the 25-year-old science-fiction franchise in the future. However, Halcyon will keep all revenue generated by last year's release, Terminator Salvation, which sold $372 million of tickets worldwide...

Should we be afraid for Lionsgate to own the rights to make future Terminator movies? I mean, let's face it, the biggest thing they've got in their franchise grab bag is the Saw movies, and torture porn is a long way off from a huge sci-fi epic. Of course, they've also done the Transporter and Crank movies, but I'm not really helping their case by bringing those up, either.

What about Warner Bros.? They seem like they'd be a natural fit with this franchise. Do they have the cash available? I mean, come on -- they spend more than $15 million on Post-Its per hour than they do on any given film. This seems like it would be an easy decision.

Then again, we don't really know whether Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, or any other studio for that matter, has made a bid. They apparently like to keep their secrets, well...secret.

Source: The Halcyon Group