Shaolin Monk vs Rajput Warrior

February 16, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What Happen when China's & India's greatest martial artists go head to head? Read on to see!?


Shaolin Monk

Short Range: Emei Piercers

Medium Range: Twin Hooks

Long Range: Wind & Fire Wheel

Special: Whip Chain

Armor: Monastic Robes


Rajput Warrior

Short Range: Katar Punching Dagger

Medium Range: Khanda Sword

Long Range: Chakrum Flying Disk

Special: Aara Coiled-Sword

Armor: Rajput Chainmail & Helmet


Who Got the Edge

Emei Piercers vs Katar: The Katar gets the edge. The Emei Piercers are capable of doing some surprisingly decent damage, but the Katar delivers more force with each attack, and can do horrific damage to the internal organs.


Twin Hooks vs Khanda: The Twin Hooks get the edge. You only have one weapon with the Khanda, while you have two weapons with the Twin Hooks. On top of that, the Twin Hooks have far more versitility than the Khanda has.


Wind & Fire Wheel vs Chakrum Disk: Both weapons get the edge. They both fly through the air, and they both can slice right through a person's neck with little trouble.


Whip Chain vs Aara: The Aara gets the edge. While both weapons aren't necessarily the best at killing, the Aara has a greater chance to kill in this fight due to the fact that the Shaolin Monk is practically unarmored, while the Whip Chain is reduced to a disarming tool in this fight.


Monastic Robes vs Rajput Chainmail vs Helmet: The Rajput's armor gets the edge. While the robes give the monk an edge in speed, they'll be able to do nothing once a Katar goes through.



Fight will be finished at a later time.