My reaction to Penn vs Sanchez

December 15, 2009

Well I don't know about everyone else out there , but I was shocked at the match-up of Penn vs Sanchez. I was definitely not expecting things to turn out the way they did. It was a pretty entertaining fight though and that's really what matters. I discussed it a bit on my blog at a title="Ultimate fighting 411" href="" target="_blank">Penn vs Sanchez.


Things started off like I expected with both fighters very anxious to get to the fighting. Once the first round began both Peen and Sanchez went right at each other, this too was expected. However shortly into the first few rounds BJ Penn took over and completely dominated Sanchez. I did not expect things to be so one sided. Diego tried numerous times, but was just not able to get BJ to the ground, Bj showed tremendous ability to stuff every take down attempt that he was face with.

To Diego's credit he never gave up, because it was looking like in the beginning rounds like this was going to be a short fight . However he just kept going no matter what Peen was throwing at him. Just when it was starting to look like a decision for BJ Penn would be the outcome. Diego got caught and had a huge gash opened up on his forehead. The fighting continued on for a bit longer, before the referee and doctor stepped in to end it. The cut was massive, Joe Rogan even commented" you can see his skull through it" , there was no doubt it was one of the nastier cuts I have seen in a fight.

So Penn got TKO and retained the light heavy weight championship. I'm hoping for and pretty sure we will see a rematch in the future. I would like to see Diego challenge BJ a bit more, like we all know he is capable of.