Deadliest Warrior: Pirate vs. Ninja

July 27, 2009

Warriors 8
Deadliest Warriors -Season 2 Episode 8

Pirate vs. Ninja
This is essentially and exhibition match between two warriors who have gained in fame and prominence since the internet revolution launched them into a never ending battle to decide who is the coolest warrior. This battle is right up there with classic fights like King Kong vs. Godzilla, Zombies vs. Robots, and Chuck Norris vs. Everything. So, without further adieu, lets' get it on!

The stealthy assassins of Japan's feudal era, Ninjas were legendary warriors who inspired fear, awe, and respect. Using the shadows to launch their sneak attacks against whomever they were paid to kill, their mastery of the art of assassination made them valuable to the samurai for espionage and political assassinations. Their wide array of weapons allowed them to kill in many ways.

Pirates were feared fighters who pillaged sea lanes from one end of the world to the other. They used cunning, stealth and deception to create weakness and confusion before they went in for the kill.

Surprise vs. Stealth
The main defense of a Pirate was the shock and awe they created from surprise attacks. Ninja used surprise attacks from the darkness to catch their enemies unaware. Edge: Even

Close Combat
Cutlass vs. Ninjato
These weapons are about the same length, with the Cutlass possessing a bit more chopping power because if its heavier blade. However, the Ninjato is a faster and more precise weapon and therefore gets a slight edge. Edge: Ninja

Boarding Axe vs. Kusarigama
The Boarding Axe is a wicked little weapon that can chop and pierce enemies, but the Kusarigama is much more versatile and has a ranged component. Edge: Ninja

Blunderbuss vs. Shuriken
The Shuriken is a razor sharp little weapon that can be very deadly if it strikes the right place, but the Blunderbuss is devastating and can kill anything that gets within range. Edge: Pirate

Long Range
Flintlock Pistol vs. Blowgun
Blowgun darts can be laced with poison and delivered with greater speed and accuracy, but the Flintlock has better range and immediate killing power. Both are deadly. Edge: Even

Grenado vs. Black Eggs
The Black Eggs have overwhelming ability to incapacitate, but they lack killing power. The Grenado can blast and stun several opponents over wide area. Edge: Pirate

This is a tough fight to call because it will come down to whoever gets the jump on the other warrior. Neither of these killers like to fight fair, but the simulation tries to make things as even as possible. Because of that, I'm going to assume this will be a fairly stand-up fight, maybe in the streets of Yokohama or a seedy tavern near the wharf. In any event, I'm giving the edge to the Pirate in this fight because the Ninja does most of his killing up close and in the range of the Pirate's guns, which is a very bad place to be.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Pirate  Ninja
Close      100     120   
Short       70     130
Mid        120      60
Long       14
0     140
Special     80      40
Total      510     490