GQ Stylist Didn't Want to Make Kobe Bryant Look "Too Gay"

May 10, 2010

Before dressing him in an Amish baby bonnet and the discarded wardrobe remnants from the Good Humor Ice Cream Man’s closet, GQ freelance stylist James Valeri explained that he didn’t want to make Kobe Bryant look “too gay” or “like a twinkie boy.” Interestingly enough, Phil Jackson said the same thing about Ron Artest before game three of the Western Conference semi-finals.

This sterile wardrobe that seems perfect for volunteering at hospitals or attracting wealthy Sheiks was originally developed to show the softer, more sophisticated side of Bryant.

The effort did not go unnoticed.

Various columnists have compared Bryant to other athletic greats like Liberace and Iman, while veteran teammate Derek Fisher gave glowing support by asking “wait, are these photos real?”

Yes Mr. Fisher, they are real. And (according to certain communities), boy are they spectacular.


Photos: GQ