Round 3 Match 2: Rajput vs Apache

January 25, 2011

- It's 106 miles to Chicago. We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.
- Hit it.

The vanguard of ancient India takes on a Native Apache warrior!



Short Range- Katar

Mid Range- Khanda

Long Range- Chakram

Special- Aara

Armor- Plated Chainmail, Small Shield, Iron Helmet

Tactics- Footwork, Martial Arts


Short Range- Iron Knives(5)

Mid Range?- Iron Tomahawks(2)

Long Range- Bow and Arrow

Special- War Club

Armor- None

Tactics- Guerrilla Warfare


Short Range- Iron knives vs Katar

Both of these weapons would be deadly against the other one, but the katar has the advantage of being used with either a shield, or as a pair. The deflection abilities of the Katar would be nearly useless against the Apache's weapons, as they are all too small to be effectively deflected. The knives could go through the butted chainmail of the Rajput as long as it doesn't hit the plates, and he has enough of them to effectively kill or disable the Rajput from outside the range of the Katar. However once in close, the katar has the advantage in being longer and more controlled than the knives. The flailed edges also give it a wider range of trauma when stabbing, but the fact that the Iron knives can be effectively thrown at the Rajput outside of the range of nearly all of his good weapons cannot be overlooked, so this is even.

Edge- Even

Mid Range- Iron Tomahawks vs Khanda

The Iron Tomahawks cannot go through the chainmaill of the Rajput, and they are also very short. They can be thrown, but only if it hits the face or neck would it be effective. The Khanda would f*cking cut the Apache in half, and it can be used with his shield to block the Apache's projectile attacks. The Khanda is slow, but against an unarmored opponent it would be absolutely pulverizing, and it easily gets the Edge.

Edge- Khanda

Long Range- Bow and Arrow vs Chakram

The Apache bow is a simple bow, which makes it one of the best long range weapons ever made already. The Chakram is usually a pretty ineffective weapon, but against an unarmored opponent like the Apache it would prove very useful, as it could cut off any of the Apache's limbs and go right into his chest for a possible kill depending on how deep it went in. The Rajput's Chakra are like the Apache's knives in use, but because the Apache is unarmored and the chakram can be thrown from a longer range, they would be more effective than the knives. However in the comparisn between a chakram and a bow and arrow, the bow wins, it's more accurate from longer ranges and only has the plates of the Rajput to worry about, which are placed in such an abnormal fashion that they wouldn't present as much of a problem you would think they would.

Edge- Bow and Arrow

War Club vs Aara

Both of these weapons would be quite ineffective against the other warrior, but the War Club would simply put the Apache within range of one of the Rajput's weapons. The Aara can keep the Apache at a distance, and possibly set him up for a kill with his Khanda, so it gets the Edge.

Edge- Aara

Armor- Plated Chainmail, Small Shield, Iron Helmet vs Nothing

The Rajput is a well armored warrior, the Apache isn't. Normally he could partially overcome this with speed, but not against the Rajput's arsenal.

Edge- Rajput

Tactics- Footwork and Martial arts vs Guerilla

The Rajput's tactics would serve him much better in a one on one fight, and the guerilla warfare usually works best if your opponent is only slightly better equipped than yourself. The Rajput was best at fighting in a one on one fight, so he gets the Edge.

Edge- Rajput

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Bloodied from his intense battle with Vlad, the Rajput picked up his weapons and walked towards the forest that Vlad crept up on him from. He did not question the fact that there was a forest in India, he merely embraced it, hoping there would be food there.

The Apache had just gotten the pepper out of his eyes when he saw that his deer was gone! He knew exactly where he had left it and all that was left was a bloody trail leading off towards the outskirts of the forest. He gathered his weapons and followed the trail.

The Rajput stumbled across a camp in the middle of the forest. He saw distinct signs of a battle being held here recently, most notably the place where a dead body once lay. This confused him, as there were no other markings to determine where the body had gone off to, it had simply vanished. None of this really mattered though, as there was plenty of cooked deer ready to eat.

The Apache followed the trail to a clearing, where he saw the stangest man he had ever seen sitting on a log eating his deer. Appaulled at this, the Apache quickly drew his bow and let an arrow fly at the man before he could take another bite.

The arrow hit the Rajput directly in the plate of his chainmail, doing no damage. He turned to see the Apache drawing another arrow and aiming it right at his face. He quickly picked up his shield and held it in front of his face as another arrow clanged off of the other side of it. He got up and grabbed his Khanda along with a few Chakra as the Apache sprinted towards him violently with knives in his hands.

The Rajput flung a chakram at the charging Apache, but he blocked the disk with his knives. Shocked and amazed at this seemingly impossible feat, the Rajput decided this warrior may not be such a pushover, so he kept his shield low and swung his Khanda. The Apache rolled underneath the swing and stabbed the Rajput's thigh. The Rajput yelled in agony and smashed his shield down on the Apache's back. The Apache tried to stab him again, but another shield smash came down on his head, dazing him. He climbed underneath the Rajput's legs and ran until he could see straight again. When he turned he saw that the Rajput had followed him the whole way, and was about to throw another chakram. The Apache tried to dodge, but the disk cleanly sliced through his left arm, leaving it hanging by a thread of flesh and completely useless. The Apache ripped off his arm and threw it at the Rajput.

Again, completely shocked by this warrior's complete disregard for his own well being, the Rajput stopped in his tracks as the Apache took out a club and ran at him. The Rajput feared this warrior now, and stood still with his Katar ready in one hand and his shield ready in the other. The Apache threw the War Club at the Rajput, hitting him in the face. He then took out a Tomahawk while the Rajput gathered himself. He let it fly as the Rajput deflected it with his shield and threw his Katar at the Apache.

The dagger went through the Apache's neck, and as he dropped to his knees the Rajput limped over and bashed him repeatedly with his shield, causing him a great amount of added pain during his death.

Winner: Rajput

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Ending Assessment:

The Rajput's armor was actually the main deciding factor here. Without his armor, this may have gone the other way.

Final Results:

Rajput- 729 Kills

Katar- 142 Kills- The Apache's deadly short range abilities hindered this weapon from really shining

Khanda- 354 Kills- The length and hacking power of this weapon got it a lot lot of kills

Chakram- 231 Kills- The unarmored Apache couldn't stand up to these fast, sharp frisbee's of death

Aara- 2 Kills- Kept the Apache back, and cut him up.

Apache- 269 Kills

Iron Knives- 91 Kills- The ability to throw these knives while still piercing the Rajputs chainmail proved quite helpful, but was hindered greatly by the shield.

Iron Tomahawks- 12 Kills- The armor of the Rajput made these nearly useless.

Bow and Arrow- 161 Kills- Definitely the Rajput's bane, but was still greatly hindered by the plated armor and shield of the Rajput.

War Club- 4 Kills- Any metal halmet makes this weapon nearly useless, but the Rajput's weapons didn;t make it very easy to get in close either.