GQ Claims Robert Pattinson is Substantially Cooler than Tom Brady

June 3, 2010

GQ magazine recently published its list of the 50 coolest men on the planet. Despite gaining instant credibility by placing Prince Harry at the top spot, the article loses some steam with their omission of Dave Coulier and top 20 slotting of Facebook Czar Mark Zuckerberg.

Twilight "actor" Robert Pattinson came in at number two on the list, edging out top ranked athlete Usain Bolt (number six) and Barack Obama’s glorified secretary (number three).

Tom Brady, who is married to a supermodel and boasts a closet full of Super Bowl rings and MVP trophies, finished 23rd on the list, well behind Lady Gaga’s stylist.

The remainder of the list is even more absurd (Jack White at number 12) and can be found by clicking here.

Oh, and adultery must be must more mainstream these days, because Tiger Woods makes an appearance for his apparently uber cool slew of affairs.

Photo: Steven Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images