Tuner Turns 1996 Camry into a 700 Horsepower Beast

September 26, 2011

Ahhh, the Camry. Budget-priced, reliable, unassuming. The car for soccer moms, used car buyers, and people who just want a sedan. And, apparently, guys who want to go ripping down the highway at 200 mph.

We're not really sure why, precisely, Dynamotorsports took a 1996 Camry, probably the blandest and least offensive car of the 1990s, and gave it a massive turbo. We're guessing that it was the result of a bar bet, or possible a deep-seated desire to try and outrace a police officer. Maybe it's because Canadians, beneath their polite exterior, are all deeply weird.

Either way, it's hard to argue with results:

Something worth noting with this car: Dynamotorsports just added a turbo. That engine is still the standard stock three liter V6 the car came with. Also needless to say the exhaust system needed an overhaul, but there's nothing under the hood your average Toyota dealership would look twice at.

Now let's take this to the drag races. We want to see the face of the guy in the tricked out Civic when a '90s sedan takes him for his pink slip.