Show Support For Your Miner

March 28, 2011
With the series premiere of Spike's new original series Coalonly two days away, now's a better time than ever to show support for your coal miner. Grab a Coal badge exclusively on Coal's Facebook Fan page and be sure to make it your profile photo so the whole Facebook community will know just how much you care! Coal premieres this Wednesday at 10PM/9c.

How do I make the badge my profile photo? It's simple. Follow these easy instructions and you'll be showing your support in no time.

1) Either check out the images above, or head over to the Coal badge page.

2) Choose your appropriate badge, and right-click the image.

3) Choose "save as" a bitmap (bmp) file and save it to your desktop.

4) In your Facebook profile, select "change profile picture" at the top right hand corner of the page.

5) Hit browse, and then choose the file you just saved to your desktop and you're done!

Now that you're showing ALL of Facebook just how much you support your miner, be sure to share these great badges with the rest of your friends!

To do this, just head back to the badge page and hit "share" next to the different badges, and they'll instantly be posted on your wall.

There's never enough ways to support your miner, but it doesn't mean you should stop trying. Start by tuning in to the premiere of Spike's new original series Coal this Wednesday at 10PM/9c and get to know the Cobalt miners.