Scarface Blu-ray Goes Deeper Than Ever

September 5, 2011
For the lead-up to the Blu-ray release of the '80s cult classic Scarface, exclusive scenes from the groundbreaking Brian De Palma landmark are headed your way. So all you Tony Montana fanatics better get ready to experience this Miami saga like never before.

In this exclusive clip, Scarface co-star Steven Bauer (Manny Ribera) and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua discuss what makes Tony Montana so captivating and easily one of the most iconic screen characters of all time.

Scarface: Tony Montana
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The amazing special features on the Blu-ray include 10 collectible art cards, deleted scenes, a bonus disc of the original 1932 Scarface, a U-Control: Scarface Scoreboard, and the featurettes The Scarface Phenomenon and The World of Tony Montana.

The world is yours.