Head2Head - Last Week's Game!

August 12, 2009

President Obama may be giving away "Cash for Clunkers" lately but our first lady of hotness Callie Stydahar only gives her cash away for thinkers! Yep, another week, another $2,000 handed out on Head2Head, the fastest game show on TV.

On Monday, trivia whiz and Judd Nelson look-a-like Anthony from New York earned himself enough money to bribe his way out of the Breakfast Club and into the winner's circle.

Then on Tuesday, the competition was so fierce between California Dan and the man they call "Ken Kizzle" from "Philadelphizzle" we had to give them both some dough for matching wits and ending up in a tie. $250 bucks each. Maybe now, Mr. Kizzle can afford a new nickname. Burn!

Wednesday, our world traveling "DJ Urbancowboy" Greg lassoed himself half a G in greenbacks for spinning that pop culture knowledge.

And finally on Thursday, we played a star-studded round of two-on-two teaming Dirty Jerz drummer boy Rick with the star of the new vacation thriller A Perfect Getaway, Steve Zahn, against his co-star, the ass-kicking-est piece of ass on the planet, Milla Jovovich, and her partner, Zach from Florida. It was a frantic, frenzied, chaotic competition but Zahn did that thing he does and helped Slick Rick haul in our grand prize and march off to the beat of $500! To thank Mr. Zahn, we suggest Rick go see A Perfect Getaway 50 times this weekend - and you should join him!  Check out this crazy game!


If you want a shot at Callie's questions, first register to play with her here - then start checking out Spike.com's Mantenna page every week for clues to help you win the Head2Head's $500 grand prize - awarded to only smartest of dudes every Monday through Thursday night at midnight, right here on Spike!