Tila Tequila is Dead?

April 13, 2009

Overnight the internet was rocked with news that reality television celebrity Tila Tequila was dead. In the early hours of this morning, someone used Tila’s Twitter account to announce her death. The post read, “Tila Tequila is dead.” A second post boasted, “I just broke into her house, killer her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys. She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead.”

Thankfully, Tila is okay. Someone had broken into her house and logged into her private Twitter account. A shaken Tila twittered what had happened:

Pt1 This is Tila. I am deeply sorry for the earlier post about me being dead. I don't know who logged into my account and wrote that.

Pt.2 but someone did indeed break into my house. It's been a very scary night for me. it's 4:10am now and have been dealing with it all.

Pt.3 too much has happened. I am scared, exhausted and drained but I am ok! Want to apologize to my fans who were worried about me

Im moving into a different house very soon because I have a stalker who is very much so endangering my life at the moment....I love u all.

They Broke everything in my living room....EVERYTHING IS SHATTERED! I'm so sad right now....this sucks.

Then I found my dog locked in the trunk of my car!!!!!!!!!! I've been crying all night. THis is f***ed up. I'm sad and shocked and bye.

This is not the first time the internet has pronounced Tila dead. Last year, MySpace falsely reported that Tila had died as a result of a drug overdose.