Modern Round; Match 5: Green Beret vs GSG-9

December 5, 2010

Green Beret

M24 Sniper Rifle.

M4A1 Carbine.

Mossberg 590 Shotgun.

M67 Grenade.


H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle.

H&K G36.

Remington 870 Shotgun.

Stingball Grenade.


M24 vs PSG1. Edge = PSG1.

This was close, but the PSG1 is more accurate, and can kill with great time and speed.

M4A1 vs G36. Edge = M4A1.

This was also close, but the M4A1 is also accurate and is greater for killing.

Mossberg vs Remington. Edge = Even.

Both are really great, pump-action shotguns, and will drop you like flies.

M67 vs Stingball. Edge = M67.

The M67 blows DEADLY shrapnel, where the Stingball only stuns. I say both are cool, but you will actually KILL with the M67.


Green Berets arrived to a building to take care of a problem, where there were terrorists trying to blow it up. They run in, but on the other side of the building, a group of GSG-9 arrive, also being told there are terrorists. They also walked in, and soon breached the building.

One of both teams walked onto the top of nearby buildings, just in case they saw any terrorists they'll snipe him. The GSG-9 sniper soon saw a Green Beret walk near a window, instantly thinking he was a terrotist, he shot, and the Green Beret fell down from a shot in the chest.

Green Beret: 5. GSG-9: 6.

The Green Beret sniper heard the GSG-9 sniper rifle go off, so he turned his angle of direction, and saw the GSG-9 aiming in another window. He shot him, also thinking he was a terrorist. The Green Beret sniper looked back, and saw another GSG-9. He shot at him, but he missed.

The GSG-9 that was shot at now knew he was almost killed by a sniper, so he aimed at the window, when another bullet came, but missed again. The GSG-9 shot back with his G36, and killed the sniper.

Green Beret: 4. GSG-9: 5.

Inside the building, back at where the GSG-9 just took out the Beret sniper, a grenade was thrown down the hall way, and before the GSG-9 could even run, he was blown up.

The Green Beret that just threw the grenade picked up his M4A1 and continued through the building. He eventually saw from above, a GSG-9 shooting at another Beret. They were shooting shotguns, and with the GSG-9 wearing the kavlar, he was winning. The Beret was then hit in the arm and he dropped his shotgun.

The Beret from above took his advantage, and shot, the bullet landing on the crown of the skull of the GSG-9. The Beret walked down to his fallen comrade, and he helped bandage his arm, and he picked up his shotgun again.

Green Beret: 4. GSG-9: 3.

As soon as the two Berets made it into another room, from behind a large cabinet, a GSG-9 threw a stingball grenade. It landed between the two, but one ran, the wounded one blown up from the grenade. It took him down and was fully paralyzed, and the GSG-9 shot him.

The other Beret who ran from the grenade came back, and shot the GSG-9 in the head.

Green Beret: 3. GSG-9: 2.

The Green Beret met up with another, but a GSG-9 shot from behind a corner, and one was hit in the neck. The other turned and shot back, but the bullet only hit the kavlar. He shot back, and killed the Green Beret with a head shot.

The last Green Beret heard the commotion, and he ran over to the GSG-9, and shot him when he was walking the other way.

Green Beret: 1. GSG-9: 1.

The last GSG-9 loaded his reminton, and when he heard someone coming he turned and shot, but the bullet gashed the Green Beret. He jumped back, and ran behind a table. He shot back, and the bullet hit him in the shoulder. He fell back, and the Green Beret saw this as his chance.

He ran up, and shot the GSG-9 several times in the head. He lowered his gun, and yelled in victory.

Green Beret: 1. GSG-9: 0.

Green Beret: 521.

M24: 86.

M4A1: 262.

Mossberg: 144.

M67: 29.

GSG-9: 479.

PSG1: 91.

G36: 247.

Remington: 139.

Stingball: 2.