Mantenna - Monday, July 26

July 26, 2010

A fan wants plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian, 18 people are killed in a crowd stampede at Love Parade, and an ultra athletic NFL player falls down the stairs...the Mantenna is back in black!

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Fan Wants Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kim Kardashian, Kim Says No

A fan of Kim Kardashian took to Twitter over the weekend to tell Kim she was planning on having plastic surgery to look like her in a desperate bid to keep her marriage together. The fan, known as@brisajohnson, tweeted, “I'm getting head 2 toe plastic surgery nxt week 2 look like @kimkardashian so my husband won't leave me. He worships her.” Kim Kardashian was not impressed and immediately rebuked her. Kim replied, "Pls dont. Ur husband should love u 4 who u are! Don't try 2 b someone else. Im sure u are beautiful inside & out! Just as u are @brisajohnson," she continued. "Don't change yourself for anybody but happy with who u are! Someone will appreciate and adore u just as you are." [Huffington Post]

Hulk’s Ex Engaged to 21-Year-Old

Linda Hogan, the former wife of Hulk Hogan, is engaged. The 50-year old mother of two is marrying her 21-year-old toyboy Charlie Hill. The two have been dating for three years. Hill is a childhood friend of Hogan’s son Nick and once they marry will be Nick’s stepfather. He will also be the stepdaddy to Hogan’s daughter Brooke, who is one year Hill’s senior. The couple plan to marry next summer aboard Linda’s aptly named yacht "Alimoney." Who says a thirty-year age gap can stop love? Well, pretty much everyone, actually. [Pop Eater]

18 Killed in Crowd Stampede at Love Parade

Photo: PATRIK STOLLARZ/Getty Images

A stampede inside a crowded tunnel full of concertgoers left 18 people dead and 80 injured at the Love Parade festival in western Germany on Saturday. Emergency workers had serious trouble getting to the victims in the tunnel that led to the grounds. The area was a horrible scene, with bodies lying on the ground as rescue workers rushed to aid them. Many of the injured were loaded into Red Cross vans and driven away. [Washington Post]

Ultra Athletic NFL Player Falls Down Stairs, Unable to Recover in Time for Training Camp

Baltimore Ravens prized rookie Sergio Kindle is in "stable condition" after falling down two (not one, but two) flights of stairs. He reportedly suffered a serious head injury and is no longer expected to join the team as they prepare for the upcoming season. This seems like an encouraging start to his career. It may be somewhat difficult to hold out of training camp for money, though. [ESPN]

Bullwinkle Better Have a Good Ailibi

During an Alaskan marathon through Crow's Nest Pass, one runner had his dreams crushed by an overzealous moose that didn't seem to understand that his home was being used for a recreational competition. Towards the beginning of the race, the moose got in the runners' path, held up the race for 30 seconds, and eventually caused some to crash down to the bottom of the hill. Sadly, the moose refused to apologize. He did, however, receive a high five from Terrell Owens and a small fruit basket from Brett Favre. [ADN]

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