This is Why Kobe Bryant is a Better Human Being Than You

November 23, 2009

Take away the rape allegations, lame commercials, and his hardcore rap collaboration with Tyra Banks in the late '90s and Kobe Bryant is just another amazing basketball player with an ego the size of the diamond he had to buy the wife he cheated on. Plays like this are just another reminder that Bryant is an incredible athlete and better at his job than you are. (Unless of course you're the guy who invented bacon-flavored mayonnaise - in which case keep up the great work!)

Watch how the reigning NBA champ (who never met a shot or endorsement deal he didn’t like) floats the ball over the backboard before ultimately dropping it for a two points and a round of applause.

As a Toronto Raptor fan living in Los Angeles, it’s very difficult for me to give props to number 24 - or look Andrea Bargnani directly in his clearly non-functioning eye - but this shot made me sit back and hate the future Hall of Famer a little bit less.


Source: FSN Los Angeles