Mantenna – Charlie Sheen’s Mad Dash to Court Fails

April 19, 2011
Charlie Sheen’s mad dash to court fails, phone sex hotlines are taking over, and Lady Gaga’s new album cover shocks her diehard fans…the Mantenna is always and forever!

Charlie Sheen’s Mad Dash to Court Fails

Photo: Tom Briglia/Getty Images

Charlie Sheen returned to Los Angeles today to face family court in an effort to gain full custody of his twin two-year-old sons. Sheen is mid-way through his North American live tour and decided to seek custody of children Max and Bob after his ex-wife Brooke Mueller missed a drug test and allegedly suffered a relapse. Sheen told his Connecticut audience on Sunday, “She convinces a [expletive] judge while she's in rehab coming off crack that she's the better parent. Only in L.A., right? I pay her a ton of dough and have zero custody. Wow. It's so cool to be me, great to be me right now. Defeat is not an option.” According to TMZ the judge hearing the case sided with Mueller, keeping intact the original custody arrangement made between the two parties. Immediately following the judgment Sheen jumped on a waiting plane headed for Washington DC so he could perform tonight’s scheduled show. [People]

Phone Sex Hotlines Are Taking Over

A little-known Philadelphia telecommunication company has slowly gained control of nearly a quarter of all toll free 1-800 numbers in the United States and they’re using them as phone sex hotline. The company, PrimeTel Communications, is targeting numbers that have nothing to do with the adult biz. For instance the company routinely purchases numbers like 1-800 Chicago or 1-800 Worship. When callers phone those numbers they are greeted with the following message: “We both have big appetites for sex. Pinch us and poke us. Spank us and tease us. We love it all. ... Enter your credit card number now.” The company also employs a sophisticated program that buys up old toll free numbers once they become available. So next time you call toll-free number, be very careful with the digits you punch in. [New York Post]

Lady Gaga’s Official New Album Cover Shocks Diehard Fans

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

In the lead up to the release of her new LP Born this Way on May 23, Lady Gaga recently unveiled the official cover of her upcoming record onto the Internets. Unfortunately for her, the cover has been receiving a serious amount of harsh negativity from her diehard little monsters. Featuring Gaga morphed into a human motorcycle hybrid, fans took to a Lady G message board to vent about the extremely unprofessional-looking cover. One fan ironically stated: "This better be fake. Because I am not OK with it…" According to numerous reports, this cover is legitimately the real deal. Hit the link to see what the fuss is all about. [THR]

Top 10 Deathtrap Cars

Are good homies over at AskMen have put together a list featuring some of the most deadly automobiles aver made. Modern vehicles are safer than ever. While most vehicles have benefited from billions of dollars of safety research, there are still a few cars on the road that aren’t so safe. Some of these vehicles present genuine dangers to occupants; others are just perceived as dangerous. While not all of these cars are guaranteed to kill you, they're pretty much deathtraps. Hit the link for the Top 10 Deathtrap Cars, dudes. [AskMen]