The Strawberry Field is No Place for a Hot Lingerie Model

September 14, 2011

A sexy lingerie babe wriggles and rolls around in a strawberry field, sucking on a strawberry… until she's interrupted by a shotgun.

This Russian commercial for Lenin State Farm, near Moscow, shows more than just fruit and vegetables. It shows boobs, bottom, and body. Yes, for some reason a lingerie-clad lady is oohing and ahhing in the middle of a strawberry field as she seductively consumes a strawberry. Hot!

The commercial barely reaches its climax when the erotic adventure is interrupted by a stereotyped, peasant-like woman with a shotgun. Comedy then ensures as Miss Lingerie is chased around by a gun-toting granny.

The slogan at the end of the spot translates as, "Glamour is for fools, vitamins for the People." Oh, how very Russian.