Mantenna - Monday, June 1

June 1, 2009

Miranda Kerr strips off her clothes for koalas, Scott Weiland's wife to tell it all in a new book, and the Alien prequel is a's the Mantenna!

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Miranda Kerr Strips Off Clothes for Koalas

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has posed naked on the cover of Rolling Stone Australia’s Green Issue. The Victoria’s Secret angel decided to go “au naturel” to raise awareness of the environment, specifically koalas. Kerr said, “I feel strongly about the need to protect our natural environment because it supports our life - it really is that simple.'' This is the first time she has ever posed sans clothes. [E! Online]

Alien Prequel is a Go

Carl Rinsch, a commercial director who has worked for awhile with Ridley and Tony Scott, is officially onboard to direct a prequel of Ridley’s Alien. That’s right: not a sequel, a prequel. No word yet on whether or not Sigourney Weaver is going to play any part in the film, though it seems likely the huge horseshoe-shaped spaceship is going to have to come into is somewhere. Maybe the prequel will only star aliens. Not likely, but then, a prequel of Alien didn’t seem all that likely until a few weeks ago. Let’s hope Fox doesn’t screw this one up. (They will.)

Scott Weiland's Wife to Tell All in New Book

Scott Weiland's estranged wife is set to reveal what life is really like married to one of rock's most notorious characters in a new tell-all book. Mary Forsberg plans to publish her memoir, Fall to Pieces, in October. In a press release, the tome is described as a "visceral, rollercoaster ride inside bipolar disorder, rock 'n' roll, celebrity culture, and the competitive world of modeling from a rock star wife and recovering drug addict.” The break-up led to the former model revealing she has a bipolar disorder. The release went on to say, "Weiland's story offers a window into the world of modeling and rock 'n' roll celebrity while providing deep insights into a serious and misunderstood psychological disorder." This book sounds real deep. [Contact Music]

Liam Gallagher Still Hates Blur


Source: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Years after their bitter Britpop battle, Oasis’ Liam Gallagher has released some more hatred on all things Blur in a recent City Life interview. Liam started out by saying that he’s “right into the Blur reunion, 'cos it'll finish off the kaiser Chiefs and put them to bed.” He then let the words fly by stating: "There's nothing worse than a s*** Blur. And at least the original s*** Blur are back to finish off all these other s*** Blurs.” He continued: "I'll tell you what, though, all these band reunions recently, it just goes to show who's the real deal.” Does this guy even realize that he’s in Oasis? [Manchester News]

Facebook amd Twitter Come to Xbox Live This Fall

For you social networking fiends who need to use Facebook or Twitter on every screen possible, Microsoft has announced Facebook and Twitter integration will be arriving on Xbox Live this fall. The Facebook client looks pretty similar to the typical Xbox Experience interface, with individual sidescrolling windows that might actually be a little tedious to trawl through. It'll also support Facebook Connect, which will let you upload, for example, in-game screenshots to your Facebook profile in real-time. [PC World]

Microsoft Unveils Full Motion Body Controls

A planned camera controller for Xbox 360 promises 3-D motion recognition that will turn your entire body into a game controller. Code-named Project Natal, the camera controller will sit beneath your television set and be capable of translating every movement of your body into a game control, Microsoft said Monday as it unveiled the system during its press briefing at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Natal will let gamers browse the Xbox 360 menus and watch movies, and could help make interactive entertainment as “approachable” as other forms of entertainment, according to Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg, who took the stage during Microsoft’s presentation to praise Project Natal. “It’s not about reinventing the wheel,” Spielberg said. “It’s about no wheel at all.” [Kotaku]

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