Exclusive Photo from Gamer

August 12, 2009

We got our hands on an exclusive photo from the upcoming Gerard Butler film, Gamer. Terry Crews, the former NFL football player, has been expanding his acting horizons, and now co-stars as Hackman in Gamer. Crews appeared most recently in Terminator Salvation and also appeared in Training Day. Hit the jump to see a new photo of Crews in Gamer.

It looks like Hackman, Crews' character in Gamer, is one bad sonofabitch. Between him and Butler, a lot of butt-kicking is probably going to go down.


So does this photo want to make you see the movie more or less? The idea of prisoners being forced to play in a lethal game of survivor has its appeals, but will it have enough substance to match its action? Guess we'll find out on September 4th when it hits theaters.

Source: Lionsgate