Robert Downey, Jr. a Stud From Infancy

June 19, 2008


Pictures of Robert Downey, Jr. from his days at Santa Monica High School (SAMOHI) have popped up, thanks to a resourceful member of Flickr. The pictures, along with a few captions below them, inform us that RDJ (did anyone call him this before Iron Man?) has, in fact, been a stud since babyhood—or at least since he was 16. Check out another picture after the jump.

As a member of SAMOHI’s drama club, Downey was voted top dog in six different categories, including Most Likely to Succeed in Theatre, Biggest Flirt and Best Body. Hilariously, he was also voted Best Couple, but the “couple” he was a part of consisted of three people: Robert, Heidi and Kelly. Downey was a sophomore, though his two girlfriends were both seniors. (In the pic below, Downey is the one with a girl in his case that needed explaining.)


That Downey has always been a ladies man is less surprising than the fact that his sophomore accolades would so accurately predict the man he’s become today. He was also voted “Inhibitions Champ”, which meant he had the least inhibitions. All the things that made Downey the champion of his high school drama club also set the stage for a long career of entanglements with the law and foreshadowed his years of drug abuse.

RDJ the man apparently is much like RDJ the kid, the main differences being that RDJ the man has become one of the top three Inhibitions Champs of Hollywood, a town that presents much stiffer competition than SAMOHI had to offer.

Regardless of Downey’s perhaps dubious distinctions in high school (which included Best Body and Most Inspected) it appears his time in SAMOHI’s drama club served him well;. SAMOHI’s website still proudly lists him as an alumnus.  

If I were either of the girls that were part of the 1981 RDJ triumvirate, I know I’d be penning my memoirs right now. I’d title it, “The Downey, Jr. Threesome”. Or, “My Life: The Spark That Lit Robert Downey, Jr.’s Flame”. Or, “Drama Freaks: Sex, Drugs, and Robert Downey, Jr.” Something like that.