Comic-Con All Access Live: Nate Quarry's Zombie Cage Fighter

July 11, 2012

Number one, the only thing more bad-ass than a zombie is (obviously) a zombie that also happens to be a cage fighter.

Number two, there is no number two. Brain-eating creatures? Raging in cages? Already a win.

That's the premise of Nate Quarry's forthcoming comic book, aptly titled -- you guessed it -- Zombie Cage Fighter. Before he became the host of MMA Uncensored Live on Spike TV, Quarry had a successful 10-year career as an MMA fighter, retiring with a record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Now, he's channeled his passion for the sport in a new creative direction.

"Everyone had always been bugging me to write a biography of my life," Quarry said in an interview with Katie Linendoll on Spike TV's All Access Weekly, "but that sounded so boring to me… so I started writing down the story of my life, but I threw in zombies as the antagonist."

"Most people do that," Linendoll quipped.

The idea might seem like a reach at first, but some of the best stories happen when wildly different worlds collide. This particular story also puts an interesting spin on a genre that's become over-saturated with cliched re-hashes. It doesn't open in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, like most, or at the inciting incident that triggers the rampant brain-eating. Zombie Cage Fighter is instead set somewhere between the present day and an inevitable zombie apocalypse, at a time when zombies are being plied as combatants in underground rings.

Best of all, we get a zombie anti-hero for a protagonist, which hasn't been done nearly enough in the genre and could lead to unique story possibilities. "It's less about bein' a fighter," Quarry said. "It's less about zombies. It's more like what a father would do to feed his little girl. That's what I wrote. The sacrifices and journeys that I went through."

Zombie Cage Fighter hits shelves this summer. Don't miss Nate Quarry live in the flesh during Spike's All Access Live from Comic-Con Friday 1pmPT / 4pmET!

Source: Zombie Cage Fighter