Auction Hunting In The Paradise Of The Pacific

September 15, 2012
Every year, millions of people travel to Hawaii seeking its crystal blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and just a whole lot of relaxation. Ton and Allen finally had a chance to visit the gorgeous state, but the boys were there for strictly business only, not pleasure. Alright, there was some please sure too, but let's go over the details to see how much cash they really raked in this time:


Sold For: $6,800

The first thing that caught Allen's attention was basically what looked like a ladder. But it was too thin, too lightweight, and definitely too cool-looking to be a ladder. After Carolyn pulled up with a truck to help the boys tow their treasures, she also got them the hookup with a guy named Tom, a historian and collector who was interested in seeing what the boys uncovered. This badboy was basically a lava sled, or as the Hawaiians call it, a "Papahholua" (yes, obviously the Hawaiian name is cooler). Ton and Allen had a pow wow with Tom and agreed of a final selling price of $6,800. This time it was Allen's turn to have some fun, so he rode the lava sled down a humongous hill.

So it looks like there was a lot of business and a little bit of pleasure in Hawaii after all. The pleasure part was great, but the business part was just plain awesome: the Auction Hunters spent $2,425 on two storage units, sold their items for $12,220, and left the paradise island with $9,775 in profit. If Ton and Allen's profit doesn't define the term "Big Kahuna" I don't know what does.

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