Mantenna - Thursday, October 16

October 16, 2008

Why this sexy German athlete has turned to the world of pornography, what Popular Mechanics loves about the new G1 "Googlephone" and exciting news about another Bourne movie...all this and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

German Athlete Turns to Porn

German female soccer professional Eva Roob has traded in her job in sports to become a porn star. Eva apparently didn’t make enough cash playing for FC Nuremberg so she took on a second job as a private dancer. Pretty soon her night job conflicted with her day job. She has since adopted a stage name, Samira Summer, and is already making a bang in her new career. At least she knows how to handle balls. [Unprofessional Foul]

Women's Hands Covered in Poop

A British study conducted as part of the first-ever Global Handwashing Day shows that women are three times more likely to have dirty hands than men. The study tested commuters at five train stations across Britain by taking a swap of their hands. The results showed that 30% of the females sampled had high levels of harmful fecal bacteria, while only 10% of the men tested returned similar results. The lesson to be learned here – tell your lady to wash their hands or just stay away from women at British train stations. [The Independent]

Steve Carell Has a Napoleon Complex


The funniest man from The Office is going to play Etienne Gerard in The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard, a comedy about the most self-deluded soldier in Napoleon’s army. He’s planning to squeeze this production in during his time off from The Office later this spring. Writers John Altshuler and David Krinsky are set to pen the script, but the director hasn’t been selected. []

Bourne is Back

Many people have been wondering after The Bourne Ultimatum whether or not the Bourne series would continue, and we found out today that it will. Universal is busy preparing the next script, which will not be based on any of the Robert Ludlum novels. George Nolfi is writing, who also co-wrote the last Bourne film. If the next installment is half as good as the last three then it should be pretty dang good. [Variety]

New Eminem Song Leaked Online


The once-retired Eminem is officially back with a follow up to 2004's Encore in the works. The new record is called Relapse and it’s supposedly produced mostly by Dr. Dre. A track off the new LP has also been leaked onto the internets. In the new song, Mr. Mathers lays down some drug-inspired raps while trying to pull of some weird whiteboy Mexican accent. You can’t deny that Slim Shady sounds a bit strange these days. Junk food is a hell of a drug. [OnSMASH]

Best Buy Posts 'Chinese Democracy' Track List

The track list for the upcoming Guns N' Roses' LP Chinese Democracy is now up on an inactive pre-order page at, which will release the album exclusively in the United States on November 23rd. There is also a small image of the official album cover on the page. The only three songs that haven’t been leaked onto the internet seem to be "Scraped," "Sorry" and "Prostitute." [Best Buy]

Google Android Hands-On


Popular Mechanics contributor Seth Porges got his mitts all over the hyped-then-booed-now-hyped-again HTC T-Mobile G1 – the first mobile phone to run Google’s Android operating system.   And he is all about it.  The calls were clear, the camera took nice pictures, the tactile keyboard was easy to use, and even the brick-like look of the G1 was okay with him.  The coolest thing out of the whole review, though, is that Android can use the G1’s camera as a barcode scanner allowing you to Google scan the item in question into your phone to get reviews/price check it. [Popular Mechanics]

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Unveiled

Dell has not-so-subtly unveiled their new addition to the Mini line, the Dell Mini 12.  Alternately known as the Inspiron 1210 or the Inspiron Mini 12, there’s no pricing information yet, but you can download the troubleshooting documents and get the specs therein.  Weighing in about 2.7 pounds, it’ll be a good, lightweight book for students or traveling business people. [Engadget]

Aptera Electric Car Stops Traffic on First Drive in NYC


Despite its winged sci-fi look, the Aptera doesn’t fly, but it can hit 120 miles per charge right now, and it’s headed for production this fall. At the Breakthrough Conference and Awards Presentation, where other winners in alternative energy and other cutting edge technologies were being showcased, the Aptera still managed to turn heads. Even legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin walked away impressed. [Popular Mechanics]

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