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Do You Know What the NFL Needs? A Good ol' Transgender Sodomy Lawsuit

by davidbreitman   January 29, 2010 at 2:43PM  |  Views: 121

What do you get when you combine an NFL cornerback, a Scottsdale casino, three banana daiquiris, and a rape claim by a post-op transsexual who feels “violated?” Apparently one of the weirdest stories of the year since Jennifer Aniston stood outside of the Staples Center with a "Will Someone Please Marry Me?" sign.

Eric Green, another shinning graduate of the Virginia Tech football crime family, is accused of "forcibly sodomizing a man woman” after appearing in the Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals" (In case you missed Green, he was the one on the bench congratulating Anquaan Boldin and checking out the hot she-male in row three during commercial breaks.)

The suit claims "they went back to his condo, where Green, 27, assaulted her. He then got ‘extremely agitated and threatening,’ and warned ‘This never happened. You'd better not tell.’"

What happens while sexually assaulting someone who used to have a penis in a Scottsdale hotel room, stays in a Scottsdale hotel room.

(Note: The alleged incident happened a year ago, and this is a civil suit in which the victim is looking for $10 million. So before both people who own an Eric Green jersey start a bonfire, remember that this may just be a classic tale about a girl pulling the old "fake sodomy" scheme in order to pay for an Adam's apple removal surgery.)

Source: Tom Hauck/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images