Mayan Warrior vs Persian Soldier

November 17, 2010

Beginnig Analysis: What happens when South America's most savage slayer takes on the Middle East's most dedicated fighter. Read on to see!?


Mayan Warrior

Short Range: Stone Axe

Medium Range: Maquahuitl

Long Range (1): Mayan Bow & Arrow

Long Range (2): Tlacochtli Spear & Atlatl Launcher


Persian Soldier

Short Range: Sagaris Axe

Medium Range: Persian Spear

Long Range (1): Persian Bow & Arrow

Long Range (2): Javelin


Who Got the Edge

Stone Axe vs Sagaris Axe: This is actually gonna be a tie. I know this sounds funny, but hear me out. While the Stone Axe is made from inferior material, the weight of it's stone head gives it a little bludgeoning capability. Meanwhile, the Sagaris Axe is lightweight, and can slice through the air with decent speed.

Maquahuitl vs Persian Spear: Similar to the Maquahuitl/Makgrigga test, only this time, the edge goes to the Persian Spear. The damage that the Maquahuitl puts out is devastating (it chopped off a horse's head, for crying out loud), but it doesn't quite have the reach that the Persian Spear has. Plus, the spear has a small club for when you need to bludgeon someone.

Mayan Bow & Arrow vs Persian Bow & Arrow: Another tie for both warriors. Most of the time, the arrows that were fired from the Mayan's bow were obsidian tipped, and when the stone shatters inside the body, it is almost, if not, impossible to heal. The Persian Bow & Arrow, on the other hand, shoots farther, and is generally more accurate than the Mayan Bow & Arrow.

Tlacochtli Spear & Atlatl Launcher vs Javelin: The Mayans get the edge in this. While it's accuracy can be brought into question, it's throwing distance is greatly increased when the Atlatl Launcher is added to the equation. The Javelin, on the other hand, has good accuracy, but is not particularly deadly due to it's 2-inch tip, and it's range is not as good as a spear thrown from an Atlatl.



It's midsummer. The sky is clear, and a calm breeze is moving through the area. In a small forested area, a Mayan Warrior is sharpening the stones on all of his weapons. He's careful not to crack the stone, otherwise, he weapons will not be at full killing capacity. He reaches for his Maquahuitl, the greatest weapon that he has, and carefully trims the edges of the obsidian edges so they are just right for slicing off heads


Meanwhile, a Persian Soldier is on a routine patrol through the woods. There were some scouts reporting a day earlier that they spotted a strange individual was seen, carrying weapons that were well suited for a primitive. At first dismissing the reports, the Persian Soldier caught sight of the individual the scouts were speaking of. He had black & red painted all over his face, long black hair, some clothing, and a feathered headress which made his appearance all the more wild.


Sneaking behind a small rock cropping, the Persian Soldier took off his bow, and pulled an arrow from the quiver on his side. He aimed for the savage's head, and fired. The arrow flew with blinding speed, but hits the tree right next to the Mayan. Started, he got up, and saw that his assailant was readying another arrow. He grabed his throwing spear, and set it in some sort of stick-like device. He swung his arm, and the spear was flying through the air with the grace of a jaguar. Startled, the Persian Soldier ducked out of the way when the spear landed right in front of him.


He got off of the ground, and saw that the savage had disappeared. Picking up his weapons that fell to the ground, the Soldier went deeper into the woods to find his target.


The Persian Soldier was now deeper into the woods. It was eerily quiet, save for the occasional sounds of bird calls. Little did he know that, as he was walking further & further, the savage managed to climb up into the trees, and was watching the Soldier's movements. Getting closer to his position, the savage readied his own bow. He knocked a black-tipped arrow, and let it fly. As it flew, the Persian heard the arrow flying towards him. He dodged the arrow, only to see another one. He dodged that one, then took his javelin, and threw it in the direction where the two arrows were coming from. The savage, seeing this flying object, jumped out of the tree, and landed on his hands & feet.


The savage got up from the ground, and the two combatants finally had a good look of the other. Seeing the zeal in the savage's eyes, the Persian Soldier took off the Spear from his back. Meeting action with action, the Mayan Warrior picked up what appeared to be a club linned with little black blades. He could feel the power of his gods flowing through him now, and charged the Persian. As he got closer, the Persian readied himself into a defensive posture, tightly gripping the spear. The savage finally closed the distance, and the two enganged in glorious combat.


The Mayan swung his club with the fury of his jungle homeland, while the Persian Soldier was doing the best he could to block the savage's attacks. The Persian was finally able to stab the Mayan's left leg. It wasn't a deep wound, but it was painful enough that the savage reeled from the blow, and fall to the ground. The Persian Soldier was about to stab the Mayan again, but his foe managed to bend upward enough to slice at his chest wuth the blade-linned club. In the process of quickly examining the wound, the Persian dropped his spear.


On his knee, the Persian almost though that he was going to die when the Mayan was coming toward him with what looked like a stone axe. While the savage was closing the distance, the Persian was slowly reaching for his own axe on his belt. When the Mayan was right on top of him, he quickly drew out his axe, and sliced open the savage's stomach in one sickening strike. The savage fell to the ground once again, this time for good. As the Persian Soldier got up, he decided to make sure his opponent was dead, and brought his axe down onto the savage's head, sending skull & brain all over. "Persia!!" the Soldier yelled out in victory as he raised his weapon.


Persian Soldier: 600

Sagaris Axe: 100

Persian Spear: 200

Persian Bow & Arrow: 200

Javelin: 100


Mayan Warrior: 400

Stone Axe: 10

Maquahuitl: 300

Mayan Bow & Arrow: 70

Tlacochtli Spear & Atlatl Launcher: 20


Final Examination: The better material of his weapons, combined with his better grasp of warfare & tactics, allowed the Persian Soldier to win.


Strongest Weapon: The Maquahuitl brought in an impressive, flesh-ripping, 300 kills, making it the strongest weapon.


Weakest Weapon: By the same token, the Mayan's Stone Axe brought in only 10 kills, giving itself the weakest weapon spot.


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